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retreive latest cursor

retreive latest cursor

New member | Level 2


Ok for the basic flow but could you please specify this point  :  "the app recieves the webhook notification for that user and looks like up the last received cursor for that use". 


I don't understand how to guess the latest cursor. 


I can keep in memory all cursors/directory but how to guess which one to check ?


Here is an exemple :


directory1 (built with api)

- directory12 (built with api)

- directory13 ( dropbox user client )

- directory131 (dropbox user client )

-- files1  (dropbox user client )

- directory132 (dropbox user client )

-- files2 (dropbox user client )

-- files3 (dropbox user client )


Here is the notification I receive for each changes : 

{"delta": {"users": [123456789]}, "list_folder": {"accounts": ["dbid:ABCDEFGABCDEFGABCDEFGABCDEFG"]}}


How can I retreive the latest cursor to call listFolderContinue on the correct folder ?


It's not a good idea to loop listFolderContinue on all directrices to detect changes on each notifications...

I did not find a function to retrieve the last cursor of a user...


Thanks for your help


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Re: retreive latest cursor


You could initially call list_folders (and /continue) with the recursive option being true, and store the cursor returned. Then when you receive a webhook, calling the cursor again will give you back changes for all the subfolders as well. 


Alternatively there is the method list_folder/get_latest_cursor which will return the latest cursor for a designated folder and also has the optional recursive parameter. 


If you have not already read it, our Detecting Changes guide covers cursor management.

Re: retreive latest cursor

New member | Level 2

I read it really helpful. I solved my problem.

Thank You

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