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Email invoice automatically

Email invoice automatically

Chen O.
New member | Level 1


Is there an option to send the invoice to my email each month?
Please tell me it's possible....


Thomas Filholm - Aerotak
New member | Level 2

Many companies need the invoice in pdf format for accounting and TAX purposes.

Now: To get the pdf invoice you need to go on the website, find the invoice, print it as a pdf.

Sweet future: The PDF invoice is automatically sent to an email each month/year.

Community Manager
This idea has been passed along to the team for review.
Thanks for your suggestion and to everyone who has supported this idea so far!
Status changed to: In review
Explorer | Level 3

I would like to setup an automation regarding my invoicing. A new invoice needs to be imported in our financial system. Now this has to be done by hand, this could easily be done automatically. Even by sending an e-mail to the system this would already be sorted for our company.

New member | Level 2
Please follow the lead of almost every other company out there and email monthly invoices out to users. It is an inconvenience to remember to log-into Dropbox every month, search for Billing in settings and then download (in order to upload to our Accounting software to track expenditure). This is a small thing that would make a big difference.

Hi @rvanderveen; thanks for posting on our Community!


Can you please clarify if you're referring to your Dropbox invoices or invoices in general?


Have you perhaps considered using a Zapier integration to achieve the task at hand? 


Thanks for elaborating on this one for me! 

Explorer | Level 3

Hi Walter,


Thanks for your reply. In this idea I am talking about Dropbox invoices. These invoices are automatically added to the admin panel under 'billing'. My colleagues from finance do not have admin right in Dropbox so they cannot access the invoices. So when a new invoice is generated it would be ideal if it is automatically shared with the finance colleagues. Alternatively, I could give my finance colleagues access to just the billing information in the admin panel, not everything else.

Explorer | Level 3

@Walter your answer is hilarious. I actually did automate our invoice workflow with Zapier. Part of that workflow is collecting all invoices we get VIA EMAIL as an PDF in Dropbox. And ridiculously enough the Dropbox invoice IS THE ONLY one, which I have to get manually. 

Rene from Berlin
New member | Level 2

Please send bills/invoices automatically by e-mail.

This very idea from 2015 with more than 50 votes did not drive you, to include this feature.


Times have changed, there are more players on the market now. Please tell me a reason to stay with a platform/service that makes me download the invoices each month, as I have to file it, while other market players make it much easier for me.


New member | Level 2

Asked this last year through support and all they can do is to refer to the billing page invoices. As dropbox is aimed to be helping in business, lack of this feature makes Dropbox a financial pain. Might be that this feature is not done due to getting people pay fees annually, which I do not like to do.

Mario W.
Not applicable

This fix worked for me:

Leave Dropbox behind and chose another provider.

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