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Rename Dropbox Business root folder

Helpful | Level 6

The Dropbox Business root folder has parenthesis and spaces in the name, and it can't be changed. This has been raised with Dropbox support for over 5 years and they have done nothing about it (e.g., Can you remove the space in the dropbox folder name). 


Various work arounds exist, and because I have to keep doing this every few years mine is below. But it shouldn't have to be this hard so please upvote this idea or even better: upvote the original idea from 2017!.



After installing Dropbox through Sydney University business account, it creates a folder called "Dropbox (Sydney Uni)" in my home directory by default, which breaks all my code in shared projects. So I want to rename the default folder to "Dropbox" (I don't have a personal Dropbox account).

After installing Dropbox and once it has finished downloading all my files to the default directory, the blue badges will disappear and be replaced with a green tick on all the completely downloaded files. I am now ready to begin.

1. Quit Dropbox (select the cog in the Dropbox menubar item).

2. In Finder, rename the "Dropbox (Sydney Uni)" folder to "Dropbox"

3. Open Terminal and navigate to your home directory 

cd ~

4. Create a symlink to the "Dropbox" folder with the same name as the default Dropbox directory (in my case "Dropbox (Sydney Uni)")

ln -s Dropbox Dropbox\ \(Sydney\ Uni\)

5.  Hide the new symlink so you don't have to be reminded of the stupid decisions of the Dropbox development team every day

chflags -h hidden Dropbox\ \(Sydney\ Uni\)

6. Check my work

ls -l

drwx------@ 12 rich  staff   384 19 Nov 21:10 Dropbox
lrwxr-xr-x   1 rich  staff     7 19 Nov 21:27 Dropbox (Sydney Uni) -> Dropbox

7. Restart Dropbox. It shouldn't complain about anything since it sees the new symlink as the default folder


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Thanks for the work around @rwmorris ,  I'm very interested to see how many upvotes we get for this one. It's something we've considered before, but there's never been a huge amount of user feedback on this. This ideation board is hopefully the perfect place to gauge interest from our customers.


The symlink solution should work, generally due to restrictions on the watched path, and the way the sync engine detects file system events, there can be situation where content changes are not noticed and subsiquently synced, but I'm glad this works for you in your setup.


A removed restriction reduces friction in our product experiance, so I'll upvote this too.

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