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See what folders a user belongs to

See what folders a user belongs to

Helpful | Level 6

As an admin, I want to be able to easily see what folders a specific user belongs to. I'd love to be a be able to go to the "Members" page, click on a user, and then see a list of all the folders they have access to. If I need to partially reduce a specific users folder access, I would currently have to click "Share" next to each folder and look through who the members were. And even then, if they belong to a folder I don't, I won't know they are on it.

I'd also like to be able to change their permission and uninvite them to those folders from that same view. So, once I've opened the "Members" page, clicked on the user, and am looking at the folders they belong to, I'd want to be able to make edits from there.

Explorer | Level 3

This would be such a life saver if it's possible with a non-member who is sharing a folder. To see a list of users outside the team and the folders they have access to. The be able to remove access to them in one click instead of going through all the folders.

Wonder if there is a solution for this already?


We hear you!

Looking into this.

Status changed to: In review
Explorer | Level 4

Please add 2 Reports or Lists for Shares and Members


1. Which member(s) is each Folder Shared with.


2. Which Folders have been shared with a Specific member.


I guarantee you that the entire Dropbox community would absolutely LOVE this feature and YOU for adding it!


Best regards,


New member | Level 2


Dropbox Business is a tool that has 2 main functions:
- manage files / folders

- share this data with other people


I find it hard to understand that the 2nd function is hardly developed. Indeed, if I create files and give rights to users, after a while I must be able to know who has access to what in my files. And with organizations that evolve, there is a need even more often to redefine rights. Today, it is impossible for me to know who accesses which folder in a simple way. At the very least, you should be able to output a list of all the files with each of the users who have access to them, in order to be able to manage this in Excel. And then of course, to be able to manage all these rights in the tool as is requested in the other posts.


We are happy with Dropbox, but for me, this access rights problem is blocking our use / evolution. We are therefore hesitant to change the tool, and I know a lot of colleagues who have not taken Dropbox because of that.


Please expand at least the simple function of being able to list folders / rights, and then other more advanced functions. I would very much like to be able to stay with you than to go elsewhere.

Thank you and good day.