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Saving Paper docs to existing Dropbox folder structure/file-system.

liz g.4 New member | Level 1
New member | Level 1


A number of us have started using dropbox paper at work. We want to save documents that we create in paper to an existing Team folder but I can't see how to do this. Any ideas anyone?

Explorer | Level 3
Same as everyone else. Took the integration for granted an now it seems that Paper is useless as a stand alone app.

Looking forward to an update making it possible to have Paper inside the Dropbox hierarchy. Until then it's back to Evernote for both me and the teams I handle.
Luc V.2
Helpful | Level 5

Storing Papers in dropbox folders is so obvious and should have been in the design center from the start.

You just lost another enthousiast.



Beth New member | Level 2
New member | Level 2
Same as what everyone is saying, so obvious, not being able to save it in our existing dropbox filing system makes it useless and we were excited to have a platform that we could all work at the same time. No "so and so is making changes","accept so and so changes" but you can't make changes until you do... Anyway, most importantly, when will this be added to Paper? Any rough timelines? Would like to know if I need to forget about Paper until next busy season. Thanks!

Hello everybody,


Thank you for providing all this feedback about Paper, we really appreciate it. Our team is working hard to improve our products and Paper getting out of beta and going public is the first step. Any new features will be announced and we are looking forward to the future with this!


To share your Paper feedback directly with us while using Paper , you can click on the "?" icon on the lower right corner and click on "Feedback". From that link you can submit your ideas and general Paper related feedback.


Thank you.


PS: Hey Liz, I renamed your topic's subject to : "FR: Saving dropbox paper to existing Dropbox team folder" . FR = Feature Request, thanks!

Helpful | Level 5

This is a great idea. I think Paper docs also could be implemented as the separate folder on

Like we already have "Camera Uploads" folder, it would be awesome if new docs I'm creating will appear on the "Paper" folder. But then I can move them between any other folders within personal or team account.


Maybe something like this:

Dropbox Paper.jpg



Helpful | Level 5

Yup, lovely as it is, it's a complete waste of time for these two reasons:


1. If it's not syncing directly to part of my dropbox tree, I can't edit or use other tools to work with it.

2. Other tools are better at this kind of document editing. Dropbox has excelled at being a storage provider, but this platform completely ignores what *made* dropbox a success in the first place. 

3. A proprietary storage space, and I suspect a proprietary document format, means another useless dead-end silo

4. If I can't round-trip documents elsewhere, you're treating me as a product, not a customer.


I can't get over Paper. The more you look at it, the less sense it makes.

Helpful | Level 5

... my two reasons rapidly escalated there!

Luc V.2
Helpful | Level 5



why seperate folder ?

imo it is better to leave the organisation of folder to the user, not the 'system'.


The only good way is to introduce a 'paper' extension, and mix paper-files with other files at locations choosen by user.







@dovhyi Your idea looks cool and we appreciate the visual! I'll pass it on to the team for sure!


@Luc V.2 Interesting scenario, passing it on!


Our development team works hard for Paper, we're looking forward to add more features in the future.


Thank you guys for the input!


Helpful | Level 6

Totally agree. Why paper isn't integrated directly into current Dropbox folders is baffling. Much too confusing for larger companies to ask employees to jump back-and-forth between team folder full of files and then into a separate interface for Paper docs.


We'll keep using txt and rtf files for now until this gets updated. Please don't force us back to G Drive :(


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