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Back again with another edition of 'How we use Dropbox', so find out how Emma uses to-do lists to get it all done here!

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Change notification settings for Paper

Change notification settings for Paper

Joel B.20
Helpful | Level 5

Every time I view a dropbox document online, I am nagged to open it in Paper. As I open perhaps a half dozen documents online in a typical day, this is very disrespectful of my time and brain space. I would prefer you stop doing it altogether, but at least not bother me every time. Perhaps once a week. Or even better, only when you have a new Dropbox paper feature -- say integrated folders with classic Dropbox files -- to offer.

Hey @Joel B.20
Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts on these Paper suggestions. I’m passing your feedback over to our team so they’re aware. 
New member | Level 2

:unamused:The incessant nagging worked on me and now I am sorry.


I am very upset about the PAPER thing.  I decided today to finally give in and try it for an MS Word table document I needed to complete for grad school deadline.  It ruined it --it was not WYSIWYG;  changed fonts, It merged cells,  split cells, would not let me see what the print view would be while live typing, there was no header or footer going on,  and NOW Dropbox has "renamed file type" of my thousands of Word docs to "PAPER".   I cannot even get it to let me open it with my local WORD on my computer.   


 This s a total dealbreaker.  I am getting a refund on the account if it is the last thing I do.  Terrible,  because I have been a loyal paying customer since practically the day that Dropbox came out.   Now I have to ask how to transfer all my documents to my Office 360 drive... 


Thank goodness I get a free MS Drive with school. 

Community Manager

You can find information on editing this setting here!

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