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Connect Paper to Mendeley and add hashtags logical search

Connect Paper to Mendeley and add hashtags logical search

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I'd love it, if there was a Mendeley add-on or something that would allow me to cite on the go in paper. I prefer Mendeley, but I would consider switching citation manager if there were another one available in paper:)


I just started using paper to do my research, and the hashtags are a game changer!!!:)

If I could continue to writing my articles in paper, that would save so much time!!! And the first thing for that is an efficient citation tool.


As for hashtags, there are three suggestions already made (I voted:) that would really really help!

1) autocomplete - to keep standard

2) hashtag list

3) context display when searching for a hashtag (displaying the line or the paragraph - would be amazing!) maybe a scope would also help (like searching only under specific folder or branch or document.


I would add to that the option of searching more than one hashtags. I use hashtags to classify data/ideas, therefore, more in the capacity of tags. Without the option to do logical searches, I will have to keep a classification or some sort of hierarchy for my tags.

For example, at the moment I have to classify ideas concerning architecture and commerce on private and public scales. The hashtags are #StructurePrivate #StructurePublic #CommercePublic #CommercePrivate. It would help a lot to just tag #Public #Commerce instead, and search for both of them appearing together. Or to search for the #Structure or #Commerce apearances in one search.


Thanks so much for this great tool!!:)


Hey there @YuliG  - sorry for the tardy response and thanks for using (and helping us improve) Paper!

As we're always looking for new ways to provide the best possible experience - while constantly refurbishing our existing features - to reflect our customers' needs, I'll make sure your comments are passed along to our dev team for future consideration. 

If you have anything to add don't hesitate to let me know; I'll be happy to follow up.


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