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Back again with another edition of 'How we use Dropbox', so find out how Emma uses to-do lists to get it all done here!

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Database Spreadsheet

Database Spreadsheet

Helpful | Level 6
Ok, what I would love and is the main reason I get frustrated with Paper, is the fact that you can't put Spreadsheets in their very well...

What I would love to see, is something similar to what Coda does. Mainly I would like you to add 2 amazing features from them:

1)Add Databases for basic excel formatting. It is really amazing. At first I got confused, but now with some schema design preparation my life is easier than ever. Please add this feature like really fast.

2) Finally, I would love to be able to have a little different files system. What I mean is, that I can create subdocuments inside a main one. Something like a Main Document Collection, with a template for referencing to other documents inside that one.

Both of those features in Coda, make it an amazing tool. The only thing with them is stability and no mobile version.

The thing is, if I can write docs, with a file structure for each big project, have Spreadsheet like Database Capabilities and the ability to present on the fly. I wouldn't need anything else...

Hey there @JamesRead - thanks for using Paper!

I'm just writing to let you know that I have passed your comments along to our Paper's dev team - thank you for your feedback!

In the meantime, have you heard about our recent integration with Airtable as this should get you going when working with databases?

In closing should you have any other feedback, questions or suggestions, feel free to reach out! 

Community Manager
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