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Dropbox Paper ideas

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Dropbox Paper Ideas

Dropbox Paper Ideas

lachlan k.
New member | Level 1

Hi there,

Since Evernote has changed its device limit to 2, and I can't justify upgrading for another device I have chosen to move to Dropbox Paper, and love the way it's progressing. After a brief search, I couldn't find a roadmap so I've listed the ideas I would love to see introduced to Paper.


  • Text Colours – Ability to change colour of type. Even if it's just a few options. Of course, a HSL Wheel would be ideal.
  • Text Size – Changing the type to smaller/larger point sizes is something I'm sure you're already working on, but if not, I believe it's a pretty big deal to have this added. I understand you can already make headings, but a small caption size would be good too.
  • Alarms / Notifications – This one's kind of branching out of note taking and more into reminders/tasks, but I think it's a pretty useful feature to have for those who need it. Much like Evernote, the ability to set reminders and a deadline on tasks that pop up on a notification/alert would be amazing.
  • Offline editing – Something I've already seen requested in the forums is the ability to view and edit notes offline and sync them at the next available time.  


Thank you and if you think these ideas could help Dropbox Paper be a better platform overall, don't forget to upvote it.

I also await an MacOS/Windows application as well iOS/Android applications. 🙂


– L

Helpful | Level 6

* need colours

Stephen G.12
Explorer | Level 3

Here's what would make it much better:


  • Add h3 and h4 sizes
  • Condense margins of h1-h4 tags
  • Make checkboxes slightly larger
  • Make main content area wider
  • Add ability to change <ol> list type
  • Add support for colors, which is very important.
  • Column support would be useful as well.
  • I also agree with the offline editing comment.
  • Add ability to restyle elements using an external css stylesheet
New member | Level 2

 Yes the ability to colour text would be very much appreciated.

Super User

Calculations in Tables please

Super User

And a mac app, and a tree structure for folders

New member | Level 2

I would like to add some pictures to some columns inside the table

Explorer | Level 4

I don't think Text Sizing is really all that important. I don't want anything that interferes with clean markdown output and html, and any configurations like that can have screwy results like google docs does and microsoft word.


Basically, anything that interfers with clean markdown and html I'm against. Also, h3 is already built into Paper. Look at your keyboard shortcuts. And you can also add #### for h4.


My two cents.

Status changed to: Delivered
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