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Saving Paper docs to existing Dropbox folder structure/file-system.

Saving Paper docs to existing Dropbox folder structure/file-system.

liz g.4
New member | Level 1


A number of us have started using dropbox paper at work. We want to save documents that we create in paper to an existing Team folder but I can't see how to do this. Any ideas anyone?

Helpful | Level 5

Would love an update on an expected timeframe for this!

New member | Level 2

Yes, Dropbox Paper is amazing but I need to be able to save my papers directly into a team Dropbox folder. 

Explorer | Level 4
I agree with many commenters that this is a very important feature as part of using Dropbox + Paper to manage projects. While it is possible to have a file structure in each, this process complicates the management of folders and files, requires additional time to manage, and increases the possibility of duplicating work or losing track of files. It would be great to have an update on this, and what is the recommended solution from the Dropbox Team.
New member | Level 2

Is it possible to navigate to paper documents from the desktop dropbox folder?

Hi @grammarpanda, currently, you can directly navigate to all of your Paper docs from your Paper Home
Nonetheless, I’ve moved your comment to this thread in the Share an idea section of the Community so as to keep relevant feedback together. 
I hope this helped to some extent. Let me know if you have any other questions!
New member | Level 2

Hi @Lusil,

Is Dropbox at all planning on allowing to store Paper files in the existing Dropbox folder structure? Or won't that be allowed because of the integration with Microsoft Office (we love Paper and we don't want to use Microsoft Office)?


Explorer | Level 3

I really have to add my voice to the chorus here. My team was very excited about using DropBox and Paper together but the fact you can't place Paper documents in your DropBox file structure is astounding and I'm amazed that the DropBox team were asking why this might be desired as far back as 2015.

The value could not be more obvious: integration; everything in one place; one single organisation of content.

Box has Box Notes, which are not a scratch on Paper docs, BUT you can store them in Box folders, as you would intuitively expect.

The fact that we cannot do this with DropBox and Paper is an absolute deal breaker and we will now be looking elsewhere for a solution.

Community Manager

You can find out more about the mobile app here 🙂

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Explorer | Level 3

I'm just adding another request here, I can't quite believe that if I want to save a written document in my dropbox folder, I have to use a different type of file!

I just created a Paper doc to share with my client so they can easily find all the resources we've shared, all together in our dropbox folder, then find I can't actually save the Paper doc to the folder. Weird, not to say a pain.

Back to Google docs/Notion.

New member | Level 2
They really need to make this easier but the work around is to export the file to save it then upload it in the folders
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