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Becoming a bit more wiki-style

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Becoming a bit more wiki-style


Dropbox Paper shows us a glimpse of the future. However, if it wants to become a real killer, it should allow more flexibility for outlining information (it does exist within documents, but not among them!).


What about becoming more wiki-style, like some past programs (SeoNote, Treepad) or present services such as Confluence and Why not allowing people to organize hierarchical structures according to their needs, instead of storing "papers" in "folders"? (come on, it's 2017!).


Please take a look at and all will make sense.


I think this is the future of information management. I really want Dropbox to embrace it.

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Can't agree more! I've used for a while, due to the way it shows the information as a hierarchy on the left side and the fact that this way it's super easy to navigate, rearrange and discover documents. Unfortunately it's editor has a lot of 'gotchas' whereas paper's editor is smooth as silk and really easy to get started with, but paper lacks an efficient way to navigate and rearrange documents (besides the search which is good). If you combine the document hierarchy view of notion with the smooth editor of paper, that would be the killer of Confluence, Evernote and Google Docs all at the same time.

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Tottaly agree. BTW, Notion's editor got pretty much better recently.

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I could not agree more with this thread. Also submitted a 'question', slash 'feature request' before X-Mas and got a positive feedback along with the answer that Dropbox already was looking into it. 


Now almost half a year has past and more complex things are launched (like some of the integrations with other services) but this very basic functionality is still not here yet. Paper will not take off until this is sorted. 


To paraphrase the above, not only is it 2018 and people expect more in terms of organizing than 'files' in 'folders', but we have also since long thrown this desktop metaphor away on mobile devices. 


Also, I've conducted my own very revealing user tests as I share folders and documents with clients to collaborate on projects. And they are flaggergasted, to a soul. 


And we also just plainly need to be able to organize the documents as our Paper collection grows! 

Level 5

I came here to propose some thing like that, and guys above mentioned all our pains and needs. Would love to see paper docs organized in tree structure. Otherwise its painful to work with 20 + docs and nested folders.


Please make a pri higher and give us a time line. Thanks