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Drop Box Paper needs a merge cell option for tables.

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Drop Box Paper needs a merge cell option for tables.

I know this isn't going to be super important, but I really need a merge cell option for tables. I work in design, and for the longest time I've been using Google Docs. Now that Google has shot themselves in the foot, I feel that now's a good time to switch. Being able to merge cells would be a god send and would litterally be the only feature I would actually require for Paper to be a replacement.


If I've missed the feature, forgive me, but I didn't see it after playing with it for a few minutes, that and I tried to transfer a merged cell table in Docs and it didn't do so well here on Paper.

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I need it too. Please Dropbox, I will recommend this to anyone if it had the merge cell option.

Edit: I am at school trying to take notes, and I switched over from Google cause that just doesn't suit my needs.

We heavily use Tables for generating API docs.

It is really important to have Tables with all the regular features available.

+10 for this feature

Level 2

Me, too!