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Dropbox Paper integration with Mac Finder?

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Dropbox Paper integration with Mac Finder?

How can I integrate Paper with Finder so I can navigate to my Paper docs?

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Re: Dropbox Paper integration with Mac Finder?

You can't. 

Paper is currently a web based application only. 


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Re: Dropbox Paper integration with Mac Finder?

Thanks Mark.


Re: Dropbox Paper integration with Mac Finder?

Hi Brian

I was searching through old posts and came across yours. Would you be interested in giving some more feedback on why you are looking for client side integration? Specifically:

1. How often do you use Dropbox Paper?
- Once a week
- Several times a month
- Fewer than several times a month
- Never

2. On what devices do you primarily use Dropbox Paper?
- Desktop
- Mobile phone
- Tablet
- All of the above

3. What types of documents do you typically create in Dropbox Paper?

4. You requested an integration of Dropbox Paper with your Dropbox. Tell us what that means to you.

5. Specifically thinking about a Paper-Dropbox integration, how would you like to see Paper documents within Dropbox? Conversely, how would you like to see your Dropbox files within Paper?

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Re: Dropbox Paper integration with Mac Finder?

Hi Kaz, 

Thanks for your follow-up. I use it roughly daily. Laptop. Text documents. I want to see Paper docs in among all the other docs we have up on Dropbox. I'm not convinced on the need for it to go both ways; a one way street is fine b/c I rarely use text docs. Creating docs in paper that are separate from my Dropbox account seems silly though.

Thank you. 


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Re: Dropbox Paper integration with Mac Finder?

Seems like this topic is coming up fairly often. I think I grok why the team went totally separate (i.e. what would a native client DO with whatever XML is under the covers of a paper Doc?!?)

Google drive has a similar paradigm, right? You see all your one (dis) organized place, and even though you can't edit a "sheet" in a native app, clicking it launches the Browser-based app.

Seems like the key "integration" is not about use, but about organization. 

I'm tech savvy, but work with some volunteer groups who...aren't. Funny thing is they understand the DropBox folders, and they were starting to get the hang of HackPad...and did not have a problem with the two being "separate".

Now that I'm showing them DropBox Paper... the first question is, "Where is this in DropBox??? I can't find it."  I've even created a Folder that is the same name (plus "Paper") as the main shared org folder. Still a bit confusing.

Not to mention if we start creating mirrored folder structure.

If Paper docs (.paper) existed in DropBox folders...and clicking them launched the browser editor... I'd be cool with that. Organization solved. Editing still browser-based.


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Re: Dropbox Paper integration with Mac Finder?

Just wanted to echo the interest for this to be developed.  I would like to see the paper file in Dropbox in Finder and opening it would launch the browser. Having them separate makes it difficult to keep track of how many documents are associated with a project, but the collaboration is so great that I can't imagine moving back to passing locally hosted files back and forth.

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Re: Dropbox Paper integration with Mac Finder?

Since everyone keeps comparing Paper to Google Docs, I can see why there is confusion with Paper docs not showing up in Dropbox.  I personally like having the seperation.  I'm currently using Paper as an Evernote replacement, throwing everything into it.  Some of my docs are long briefs while others just contain one image or even just account login info.  I think if Dropbox were to intergrate Paper docs to show up in my Dropbox account things would get a little bit crazy, at least for me.


I don't like Google drive and Docs because I handle project "files" and "project notes" differently and like having each in a different place with their own organizational paradigms.  For me, always worrying about where a file should be located in finder slows me down.


I can see there being a Link Export option that creates a physical file in Dropbox that links back to Paper when opened.  Or a way to link a Paper Project or Folder to a Dropbox Folder.  More of an optional thing rather than a forced integration. 

Re: Dropbox Paper integration with Mac Finder?

Just to understand. Are you a paid user or a free one? 

That makes a lot of difference for me. Right now are thinking about multiple online cloud storage systems and Dropbox seems to be best at sync and sanity, but it still doesnt really replace a lot of things. 


For me, the bad experience on paper is just mostly that I cant use my native mac finder to add files onto the paper, making it very difficult to navigate to find the files. Takes me really back. 


The idea can be taken other way around as well, if paper can be a desktop web app ... which can also help me navigate through the files and my documents, that should also work. 

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Re: Dropbox Paper integration with Mac Finder?

Similar issue. My team uses both Paper and Docs, with little likelihood of dropping one for the other, so I'd like a way to search both for the document I need. I would be comfortable doing that searching with Finder.