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Dropbox is worked fine but Dropbox Paper 403 error.

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Dropbox is worked fine but Dropbox Paper 403 error.

Since November 15, 2016, I have an issue like this one "Dropbox, banned paper, error 403"

My ticket number is 5090451(issued at 11/15) and 5111888(Last activity is 6 days ago). The progress is really really slow...
My documents in Dropbox Paper are not big files, and they only share in my group(about 20 people), it should not be possible over the limit 20GB/day, my files in Dropbox are big, they may be possible over the limit, but my Dropbox is worked fine.
Please Help!! I still need to update the documents in Dropbox Paper, but can not log in, and I already share the document to someone, they also can not access the documents, and when they access the documents, it will show "You need permission to access this doc".

According to the reply from Rich in above post said,
"A ban in Paper is likely linked to a ban of your Dropbox links."
How can I know which link of my Dropbox links is banned?!
Because my dropbox will work fine, and only Paper can not log in. And if possible to request all the documents archive/export to Dropbox and close my Paper service? I need my documents!!! almost a month is passed!!!

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Re: Dropbox is worked fine but Dropbox Paper 403 error.


As Dropbox Paper are essentially shared links when you send them to someone they are affected by your sharing for your account. So if your file links are generating too much traffic this will affect your use of Paper.

I would recommend that you get back in touch with the support team as they will be able to give you more information as to why your accounts links are currently banned.


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Re: Dropbox is worked fine but Dropbox Paper 403 error.

Hi Fearg, thanks for your reply.

Dropbox Paper support team just lifted the ban on my account this morning, so I can copy all my documents back to my PC, and I can continue my jobs. Thanks.

Dropbox Paper is not like Dropbox, we have the files on our PCs and the files synchronize to Dropbox, so even Dropbox bans one account, the files are still on PC, but the documents on Paper, they maybe the one and only, if the account is banned and no easy way to recovery, she/he can not work if she/he put some important info in it, and I was the one!!

Still thanks to Dropbox Paper, it let my team to sharing thoughts, ideas, ... but for now, it is really hard for me to convince my team to continue to use Paper. And I am still afraid to be banned again if there is no any sign. When submitting the ticket about 403 error, the Dropbox Paper support team just asking me to log out and log in again and again at the beginning, not just telling me that my account was banned. Why?!

I love Dropbox and introduce to my family, my friends, and my teams. Hope someday I will introduce Dropbox Paper again. Thanks.