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Dropbox not uploading

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Dropbox not uploading

 I have installed Dropbox on Linux-Mint 17.3, using the repo-based installation (as recommended) rather than the newer .deb available on the dropbox site.

It is running (/home/edwin/.dropbox-dist/dropbox-lnx.x86_64-4.4.29/dropbox) and appears as an icon in the system tray; however it does not respond to either left clicks or right clicks.

Using the CLI, the responses are as follows:

1. dropbox status
            Can't monitor Dropbox folder (Click to fix) \\What to click?
            Can't access Dropbox folder
            Syncing (24 files remaining)

2. dropbox running
            No reponse

3. dropbox start
            Dropbox is already running!

 4. dropbox filestatus
             The dropbox directory is the only one syncing

5. dropbox start
              Dropbox is already running!

 6. dropbox ls ~/Dropbox/
              All the directories symlinked from inside the dropbox directory
              plus the other items placed in the dropbox cloud from elsewhere

If anything, I'd say I have one way sync only, not quite what I'm after.

Would appreciate any suggestions.

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Re: Dropbox not uploading

Edwin, did you ever manage to resolve this? Apparently having the same problem here.

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Re: Dropbox not uploading


No I didn't; I just gave up and used Google Drive instead.

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