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Folder tree view

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Folder tree view

I mainly use dropbox paper for my school notes and documents and as of now it's quite a mess to navigate between folders. With a Tree View it would be easier to manage, and if this view could be added to the sidebar, that would help a lot!



Level 3

Tree view shoulda been in Dropbox from day 1.

(Both web view and desktop app view)


Can't believe years later we are still asking for this very basic and much needed feature!!!

Level 6

Completely agree, tree view for Paper is sorely needed.  We need better tools to navigate, sort, and manipulate Paper folders and files.  The current tools are archaic and tedious.

Level 2

+1 great idea

Level 2

With Windows at least (not sure about Mac) what I do is open different browser windows and you can drag and drop between them. So, I have the main folders in one window and open another window for the folder I'm working on. I also create bookmarks/favourites for the various folders/groups of folders, which makes it easier to jump around. Seems to work fine, though is still a workaround that we shouldn't need to do.

Level 6

I stopped using paper because it got too messy and I can't lose all that time managing papers and folders (come on, it's 2017!).


Now I'm using - something Paper could had been since the beggining... :(



Yes... can we get this?  We're moving our team over assuming there will be a lot of progress on Paper... and I hope this is something you launch.


Skip the integrations work... let's get Paper dialed! slightly smiling face