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I have a question and some feedback for Paper's tables. Any ideas?

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Though it is very easy to create a table in paper I was not able to make small table. The table either has full page long rows of at least half page long rows.

How can I create small table that covers quarter size from left in a page and rest right side I can explain about that table.

I have another problem for writing words below letters and word below word. When I use underscore in latex format it gives only subscript but not word below word.


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Re: About table size

Hey there (@msetipani), would you mind including a screenshot (omitting personal info) of the issue you’re facing when you’re using LaTeX, so as to pass your feedback to a higher-level specialist? 
From there, kindly note that there isn’t currently a way to size tables in this manner however that’s a great idea & I've made sure to include your request on my report internally for future iterations. 
Once I have the screenshot on how the LaTeX discrepancy appears on your end, I’ll try to address your initial inquiry in a bit more detail. Thanks in advance for the time you’re devoting on the matter & I’ll be awaiting your next message on this discussion! 


Community Moderator @ Dropbox


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I have a question and some feedback for Paper's tables. Any ideas?
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