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Roadmap or update on Dev focus

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I just read in a comment to one of the other questions how a lot of the answers being marked as solved or not actually an answer just the best response. Another thing I've noticed is that as much as I would really love to recommend and tell the world about how they should use dropbox paper I can't tell them anything about what's coming up/soon. Meaning what future improvements is the Dropbox team working on. 90% of the questions asked on this board or responded with a comment similar to "that is not possible at this time and we will forward it on to the devs". Even though I'm a new user it seems that this has been the response from the start.

That's an awful lot of content that has been sent to the dev team so my question is what are they deciding to work on? Are they a small group just working on bug fixes and stability or is Dropbox Paper an important part of Dropbox's future, enough so that they are working on added feature sets?
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Re: Roadmap or update on Dev focus

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@Nicknick43 wrote:
... what are they deciding to work on?

Dropbox doesn't issue roadmaps or discuss what features may or may not be on the horizon. We typically won't know about a new feature until it has been officially announced.


Re: Roadmap or update on Dev focus

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I second @Nicknick43's desire here, but sadly @Rich is right.
There's no published roadmap.

As much as I understand the need to avoid disclosing/committing on roadmaps, not having any insight on the list of feature requests and/or a very tentative roadmap has been, since the very beginning, a big deterrent to fully adopt Paper on my side.

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Roadmap or update on Dev focus
2 Replies
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