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Subtitles / Captions Support in Replay

Subtitles / Captions Support in Replay

Explorer | Level 3

It would be super helpful for my team if .SRT subtitle files were supported in Dropbox Replay. Almost all of our projects use subtitles and it's hard to convince my team on Replay without some sort of subtitle/caption support. It's also important for accessibility standards. Lots of reasons to support captions.


As a side note, Replay is great and I love the integration with DaVinci Resolve. You've all done some nice work here Dropbox! 

Helpful | Level 6

Agree! So many good reasons to support this functionality since this is standard part of a deliverable (yay inclusive design!)

  • clients can to do the editorial review of the subs/caps in situ
  • designers get to see if graphics have issues when subs/caps enabled
  • Sync issues with sound
  • etc.


New member | Level 2

Agreed. Especially if this extended to the integration with Premiere Pro.

Stephen Luksic
Helpful | Level 5

Very essential with requirements of ADA, In RESOLVE delivery, the EXPORT Subtitle option needs to be activated, so we can at least upload a burned in subtitle for Review.




Explorer | Level 4


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