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We love to hear how every person gets the most from Dropbox, and it seems everyone has a slightly different use for it - tell us yours here!

Dropbox Replay

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Welcome to the Replay beta test group

Welcome to the Replay beta test group

Community Manager

Welcome! Here's what you need to know.


You have been selected to try Dropbox Replay's private beta experience. Replay is a new video tool from Dropbox that enables you and your team to better create, collaborate on, and deliver incredible video content.
Please keep in mind this private alpha program is subject to additional terms.

Ok, so that’s Dropbox Replay, but what is this group? 


This is a private community group made up of Replay beta testers and the Replay team, so you can share your thoughts, feedback, and questions. 
You were selected for this group because you’re a valued Dropbox customer, and we would love to hear your opinions on the new product. You’ll be using the product before anyone else, and your feedback will have a huge impact on shaping Replay. 
Start a discussion here.

Sounds good, but what’s the benefit for me as an beta tester


By participating in this group, you’ll help influence the future direction of Replay. 
You’ll have the opportunity to:
  • Share feedback with the team and connect directly with the Dropboxers building Replay
  • Get help if you run into any issues using Replay
  • Supercharge your experience by getting a sneak peak at the newest Replay features

How to get started with Dropbox Replay


To get started, head to
You can use Replay to collaborate and edit on any video file. As you explore the product, try: 
  • Commenting on video files with a conversation thread
  • Adding annotations and notes to your project
  • Adding frame-based comments. You’ll see your feedback appear at the exact point in your video, even more exact than the second.
  • Sharing a link to your video with anyone, even if they don’t have a Dropbox account
We look forward to hearing more about your experience as you explore Replay! 
Please see Dropbox Replay: An Overview for more information
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Re: Welcome to the Replay alpha test group

New member | Level 2

Trying to figure out how to comment. The drawing tools are nice, but often clients will just want to leave text comments if this is going to compete with or vimeo review pages (and I hope it does, because we export to dropbox before we have to then upload to those other platforms). Am I missing something, or does that functionality just not work yet (or just not work on firefox)?

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