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2 accounts


2 accounts

New member | Level 2
I have 2 accounts, can they be merged to 1?
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Re: 2 accounts

Super Collaborator | Level 20

Hi @Tanja65,

Actually not exactly "merge", but you can transfer entire content from one of the accounts to the other. For example, if you have one account named Account1 and another named Account2, and we assume you want transfer content of Account1 to Account2 and close Account1 at the end, you can do something like:

1. Create one folder in Account1 named something like TransferFolder (or whatever else, doesn't matter, but I will use this name for reference).

2. Move everything in Account1, you want to move and keep, into TransferFolder.

3. Share TransferFolder from Account1 to Account2.

4. Accept the TransferFolder share from Account2.

5. Transfer ownership of TransferFolder from Account1 to Account2.

6. Unshare TransferFolder from Account1, so it gonna stay only in Account2.

7. After make sure everything completed successfully, you can close Account1.

8. Finally, you can rearrange already transferred content as you would like in Account2, if needed.

Note: You should have enough free space in Account2! Check it in advance.

This is not the only, but one possible and convenient way. 😉

Hope this helps.

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