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Account issue

Account issue

New member | Level 2

I pay for upgraded 2TB dropbox and renews every month from Apple App store, this month my subscription renewed as normal but my Dropbox account didn't renew and i'm out off storage and can't access my files. I have my transaction number from my receipt from apple, someone plz help!!

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Re: Account issue

Helpful | Level 6

Hi ChandlerAZ,


According to Dropbox over storage limit info:

1. Verify that you using the same email address to upgrade your Dropbox account. Here are ways you can determine your account email address:

  • If your computer is linked to Dropbox, please go to Dropbox desktop app preferences and click the Account tab.
  • If your phone is linked to Dropbox, navigate to your Settings in the Dropbox app.
  • If you shared a folder with anyone in the past, then that user can find your account email address in the shared folder invitation or shared folder settings.

2. Verify the subscription purchase and then contact our billing team. You can verify a subscription purchase in a few ways.

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