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Can we transfer the subscription of one user to another?

nilima New member | Level 2
New member | Level 2

We have had a staff member leave (email removed by moderator). Could we please have the outstanding balance of the account email removed by moderator transferred to email removed by moderator? Thanks

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Re: Transfer Subscription

Super User II
Super User II

I've removed the email addresses from your post for your protection. Personal information should not be posted to a public site.


@nilima wrote:

Could we please have the outstanding balance ... transferred ... ?

If these are personal accounts (Plus or Professional) then you cannot transfer time between them. The only way to accomplish what you want would be to swap the email addresses on the accounts.



If this is referring to a Business or Enterprise account, then you can transfer the license and files from one user to another.


How can I transfer my Plus subscription to another personal account of mine?

Helpful | Level 6


I'm a Dropbox Plus user for few years now, but last year I accidentally paid for a Work account, not Personal that I use the most. I had problems with automatic billing, and needed to make a purchase manually, I didn't realize what account I'm logged in to. My subscription ends in December and I'd like to continue using Plus, but on my Personal account.

How do I switch in the most effective way?

Re: What is the best way to switch Dropbox Plus from Work to Personal account?

Super User II
Super User II

Cancel the subscription on the work account now if you haven't already. Then resubscribe using your personal account. If you need to move files from one account to the other, use a shared folder between the two.


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