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Dropbox Business Advanced - details

Dropbox Business Advanced - details

New member | Level 2

I've had a personal Dropbox account for a long time but am now looking at a Dropbox Business account for a collaborative project over the next several years that will accumulate a significant quantity of data. 


I've found the pricing structure and table comparing the different accounts but can not find any details on restrictions for sharing with users outside the team. Also, took a bit of time to realize that there is a three user seat minimum so the CAD $33.00/mo is actually $99.00/month. 


I understand that folders can be shared with people outside your team and those people can view and presumably download files. Can they also upload files? If so that is great, but what then do the users (those with a seat license) get beyond that, is it access to the admin panel and other advanced features? 


Mostly we're interested in a place to store and share data amongst a number of people, many of the people in the project only need to be able to access and download files (occasionally upload) and not be part of the file management process or any other teams utilities. Can we get a 3 person license but still share this way with others? 


Thanks for any clarification people can provide. 



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Re: Dropbox Business Advanced - details


Hi @tmiddel, Happy Monday! I'll be happy to respond to everything! 

You're generally on the right path regarding our business plans and sharing. 

When you share with people outside of your team, they'd need space in that account to add shared folders, and edit them.

This is essentially not something you need to worry about when having someone added to the team as a member.

They get to enjoy the added features, such as space, team folders, and more. 

One last thing is that, as an admin, you have more accessibility to what your members can and can't do, and it's up to you to choose the settings. 

If you have any other questions, I'm here!

Community Moderator @ Dropbox

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