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I accepted an invite to join a team, and now my account is merged with the team

cclabel New member | Level 2
New member | Level 2

I was sent a dropbox invite but it wasn't a normal file share. It asked me to "join my other teammates on the platform" bc I knew the user and they are trying to share video footage with me. HOWEVER... it now looks like my whole account merged with theirs? and now when I pull up Dropbox it goes straight to their name at the top of the page?.. I am freaking out. I need my entire Dripbox to be separate. What is happening? I pay for Dropbox PRO and they have Dropbox business and now it just keeps telling me I have to do the 3rd step of downloading the Dropbox app onto my computer... WHY??? All I have ever done is just log into in my browser. What is happening??  Why is my stuff merged? I sent this guy folders from my Dropbox for him to upload to, and I got all this instead. What is going on? What is the best way to get this footage.. and why can't I keep my Dropbox private and separate??

I tried calling Dropbox but apparently there is NO MORE customer service. I remember being able to call Dropbox when there was a problem... WHAT HAPPENED??? Dropbox doesn't even have an active chat feature?? How am I supposed to be able to conduct my business? Plus I have a rare genetic disorder that makes typing with my hands really painful.. so NOT COOL for people with disabilities. There needs to be another option. I am SO frustrated.. and now I wonder how many times will I have to go back and forth now just trying to figure out my problem... It's all exhausting.

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Re: I accepted an invite to join a team, and now my account is merged with the team


Hi @cclabel, thanks for joining the Community!


It sounds like you accepted an invite to join a Dropbox Business team, meaning that your personal account is now part of the team.


In order to leave the team, you’ll need to ask the team admin to convert your account back to a personal plan using these steps


As the team admin now technically owns your account and data within, our support team wouldn’t be able to assist in converting this account on our end.


I hope this helps to clarify matters!

Community Moderator @ Dropbox

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