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I have paid but I don't see the space being applied


I have paid but I don't see the space being applied

New member | Level 2

Hello, I have recently upgraded my drop box account, but it does not work out well. On my computer drop box says that I only have 2 GB, but this is what you charge for:


Team: Your team
Transaction ID: [personal information removed as per Community Guidelines]
Amount: €450
Licenses: 3
Account space: 5120 GB


I only want one license (here it says that I have three...) Can you please help me to sort this out?

The correct email-adress is [personal information removed as per Community Guidelines]




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Re: I have paid but I don't see the space being applied

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Hello @Annacarinoman 


There are a few possible reasons why you wouldn't see a Dropbox Plus or Professional upgrade applied to your account.


  1. Verify that you purchased Plus or Professional using the same email address that's associated with your Dropbox account. Here are ways you can determine your account email address:
  • If your computer is linked to Dropbox, click the Dropbox icon in your menu bar or system tray, click your profile picture or initials, select Preferences, and click Account.
  • If your phone is linked to Dropbox, navigate to your Settings in the Dropbox app.
  • If you shared a folder with anyone in the past, then that user can find your account email address in the shared folder invitation or shared folder settings.
  1. If you did purchase space using the same email address as the one associated with your Dropbox account, but you're still not seeing your space, verify the subscription purchase and then contact the Dropbox billing team. You can verify a subscription purchase in a few ways:

If you paid with credit card:

  1. Go to the receipt-finder tool.
  2. Enter the transaction ID (found on your payment provider's billing statement).
  3. Enter the last four digits and expiration date of the card charged (if applicable).

If you were unable to find the transaction ID, Dropbox need the following information to identify the account associated with your purchase:

  • The type of card (Visa, Discover, MasterCard, American Express, etc.)
  • The last four digits of the card
  • The first six digits of the card
  • The date of the charge
  • The amount charged
  • The billing postal code

If you paid with PayPal:

If you paid with PayPal, Dropbox will need the PayPal transaction ID. You can find this ID by logging in to your PayPal account and clicking the transaction in your account history.


If you paid with Direct Debit or iDeal:

If you paid by Direct Debit or iDeal, Dropbox will need the mandate reference number or transaction number.


If you paid through an app store:

If you paid through the Apple App Store or Google Play, you’ll need to contact Apple or Google to determine the status of your payment.

Learn more about contacting a mobile app store.


After gathering this information, submit a support request containing the billing information requested above. For security and privacy purposes, please don't send anyone, including Dropbox, your full credit card number or CVV number. Dropbox will never ask for your password or your full credit card number.

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