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I lost access to the email and the password. What should I do?

New member | Level 2
New member | Level 2

Hi i lost access to my @ and my password is expired what shoold i do

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Re: I lost access to the email and the password. What should I do?


Hello @Nawy90

Sorry to hear you have lost access to both the email and the password. 

This is indeed a difficult access problem to solve, because we verify the account ownership from your email. But there are still some things you can try to access your account. 

1) Re-enabling the email, with the help of your email provider, would be the fastest way to go. After you get your email back you just request a password reset and you are back into your account. 

2) Do you get a message on your log in page saying that the password has expired? If so, our team can help you overcome this difficulty. Please note expiring passwords are a security measure and since we lock you out, we can of course help further. So please check the log in page and let me know. I will directly open a case with you to get this solved asap. 

3) You can reset your password from a linked device. here are the steps:

  1. Try to sign in to or the Dropbox app with your expired password.
  2. If you can’t log in, click I can’t recover my account using this page at the bottom. 
  3. Click Yes.
  4. Click Send notifications. This sends notifications to all your linked devices.
  5. When you see the notification on your linked device, click Details.
  6. Click Continue (web) or Yes (mobile).
  7. Enter your a new email address.
  8. Click Submit

This way you’ll receive a password reset link in your new email’s inbox.

4) If none of the above help in your case, there is not much we can do I am afraid. 

Your files will be accessible through any devices you have linked and synced with your account. So your computers local copies might save the day. You can create a new Dropbox account and drop them in. 

Hope this helps with this unfortunate situation. I wish we could offer more solutions to this account security matter. 

Let me know if you managed to access your account. 

Community Moderator @ Dropbox

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