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I think I have a Dropbox Account, how can I find out?


I think I have a Dropbox Account, how can I find out?

New member | Level 2

I think I have a Dropbox account from a trial a long time ago. I tried to get a chat or email contact but to no avail, your system is far too unspecific and confusing.

1. How do I activate amy account if I have one?

2. What do I need to upload to my MAC running CATALINA?

3. What are the costs associated with using Dropbox as a private user?

4. I only want to be able to transmit large documents or videos if I use DRopbox.


Can someone call or email me answering the above????


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Re: I think I have a Dropbox Account

Hello @Joel Littman, thanks for reaching out to us here!
Your Support options depend on your Dropbox account plan, but I’d be more than happy to help out over our Community platform here.
If you believe you have an account, then I’d suggest trying to sign into Dropbox using an email address you think the account would be under. You can request a password reset which will only send an reset link to the email address you specify if an account exists under that email. 
To easily upload/download files between your computer and your account, I can suggest using the desktop app once you’ve regained access to your account.
For personal use, there are a few options such as Basic which is free. You can check out a comparison of the plans, their features and their prices from here.
Finally, to share files you could use shared links or Dropbox Transfer, each has their own limits depending on your Dropbox plan. You can find out more about shared links here (under "What are the bandwidth limits?") and Transfer here.
I hope this helps, let me know if you have any questions!

Community Moderator @ Dropbox

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Re: I think I have a Dropbox Account, how can I find out?

New member | Level 2

Thank you for the reply. However, despite what you think, I find understanding how this product works not as easily as the "community" assumes it to be. Perhaps that my age is a factor (74), depite three university degrees, I find the multiple access points on my computer confusing as well as the manipulation of files and folders to be more confusing. I have used YouTube tutorials but I find that the presenters make certain assumptions about familiarity of terminology, and quite frankly they speak far too fast. It would have been wonderful if Dropbox had a very methodical tutorial presentation that went through their basic product including sharing of files, videos, etc. even on a one time access basis. In most settings the user is young and grew up in this digital environment so using the product was far easier or works in a setting with an IT trainer. I have reached a point of frustration because the support that is offered is well intentioned but insufficient. I assume from my research that a business subscription would get better support, but for my needs that is unavailable. I am done.

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