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Re: Incorrect shown Size

Incorrect shown Size

New member | Level 2

Hi, My dropbox shows that I have used over 90% of my space (which is 20.4 GB).

However, when I get the size of my Dropbox folder on my computer (all my files on Dropbox), it is only less than 5 GB.


I am sure it should be somewhere around 20 GB. I don't know what is going on ...

Can anyone please clarify this if you ever exprienced that before? Thank you

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Re: Incorrect shown Size

Hi there @SMAZ,
As a first step, could you please let me know the following:
  • Could you please ensure that you don’t have any folders unchecked in your selective sync settings
  • Could you please have a look for any incompatible characters by running a bad files check?
  • Also, do you by any chance have any symlinks in your Dropbox folder? You can find more info about this in this article (steps 7)
  • Could you please send me a screenshot (without any personal info) of the discrepancy so as to have a better visual of what you describe?
Finally, could you please check if you’re looking at the same Dropbox account throughout all your platforms associated with the same email address? You can check this out from:
  • Website - your General tab in your Settings.
  • Desktop app - Dropbox icon > gear icon > Preferences > Account tab.
  • Mobile app - Account tab (iOS) or Settings (Android).
Let me know what you find!

Community Moderator @ Dropbox

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