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Intsall DropBox Plus

New member | Level 2


I work with a team of five persons on a project. Ineed to join their DropBox. I took a DropBox Business account at the begining, but I only need a DropBox Plus account to add folders and files on DropBox. Hence, I took cancelled out my Businnes Account and I nox try to get a Plus Account. I took out a subscription for Plus, but it doesn't work. I filled all the credit card (visa) details. I received a message from my bank confirming the payment, but after this message popped up: "Informations invalid. Please Try Again". The problem is that the information I entered are valid. I even tried with an other credit card, and the same message popped up after the confirmation of the payment. Do you know why do I have this message? If I have been debited? and how can I overpass this problem to get my Plus Account? 

Thank you very much for your help. 

Best regards,

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Re: Intsall DropBox Plus

Hey @Hugo_4, thanks for using Dropbox and welcome to our Community!

It sounds like your account may still be considered a team one and that's why you can't upgrade to one of our individual plans. What's exactly shown in your account's plan tab?

Did you leave the team to convert your account back to an individual one when you cancelled your Dropbox for Business subscription?

Let me know what you find, Hugo!

Community Moderator @ Dropbox

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