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Re: Is anyone else furious at the upgrade to 2TB and extra $60 a year without consent?

Is anyone else furious at the upgrade to 2TB and extra $60 a year without consent?

Helpful | Level 6

I am so outraged. I signed up to Dropbox for a 1TB account, paying monthly. I don't need 2TB nor can I afford the additional $60 a year they want to charge me for something I didn't initiate, ask for, or consent to. I just don't understand how they can do this. Their response so far: If you don't want the new upgrade you can cancel it. How is this a fair option to a customer? I can understand companies change their plans frequently (mobile providers, private health insurers) but I've never been forced to pay way more money and have no option but to leave.

I have almost 1TB worth of data in my account - none of which I have on hard-drives / local drives anymore. "just cancel" is an incredibly stressful option. I dont even have a device any more than I could downoad 1TB worth of data to - and I'm currently living in a home with rubbish ADSL2 internet speeds. Even if I did find a solution, to download it all and re-upload it to a new company/solution is a huge, epic undertaking which I don't even have time to do (its not like you click a button and walk away for a few days - I constantly get errors due to internet outages)

I am just so so angry and can't believe there is no solution to this problem. Surely this isn't even legal???

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I don't want 2TB.

Helpful | Level 6

I have been using Dropbox for many years now, and I have always thought that 1TB is more storage than I will ever need.
But I kept using Dropbox and paying the price because Dropbox has been working very well for me.
However, I would rather pay a much cheaper price per month for a much smaller storage capacity, and I have contacted support and asked for this possibility many times over the years, but the answer has always been no.

And now you increased the cost, and capacity, even further.

I don't want 2TB of storage.
I don't want to pay €12/month.
After this "upgrade", I now use 13.5% of my total capacity...
I am paying for more storage than I will EVER use.

Please, why can't you just offer more price plans?


I'm going to contact the support one last time and ask for the possibility to pay less money for a smaller capacity.
If the answer is no again, then I'm out.
I'll switch to another service that offers more reasonable plans.

Re: I don't want 2TB.

Super User II

The answer is, and always will be, no. Dropbox is by there own account 'more than the space'. Its about all of the addons you get. 

They've repeatedly said they are not lowering prices (infact they are increasing them) and wont be launching smaller plans. 

If you do want to cancel your account you can do so using this help page.


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Re: I don't want 2TB.

New member | Level 2

Just delete your account, backup your files and move elsewhere.


Dropbox thinks it's Netflix, and it might be right...

Helpful | Level 5

Dropbox: I'm gonna charge you 20% more on your next billing cycle!

Me: Wait, what? I'm super happy with my current plan and pricing. And I'm only using like 3% of my 1TB of storage.

Dropbox: Well I'm gonna double your storage to 2TB!

Me: But I just told you that I'm only using like 30GB...

Dropbox: I'm also adding Smart-Sync and Rewind!

Me: But I don't need those. The sync and recovery features on my current plan were more than enough for my needs.

Dropbox: 20% more or you're canceled -- the choice is yours!

Me: Well it doesn't really seem like much of a choice, does it?

Dropbox: Sounds like you've chosen to pay 20% more! Thanks for being such a great customer!

Re: Is anyone else furious at the upgrade to 2TB and extra $60 a year without consent?

Hey there @aimeemaloney,
I’m sorry to hear that you are not satisfied with the new updates to the Dropbox Plus subscription and I’ll make sure to pass your comments along to our dev team for review. Also, I believe you are referring to AU$, is that correct?
Please do note that for the moment, you will still be on the same pricing until your next renewal date. This means that you will be able to use all the new features of the Dropbox Plus subscription with no difference in your latest renewal’s pricing. We are providing advanced notice of the changes in subscription fees.
I’d be happy to have a look into this with you. As this is an account-specific issue, and involves sensitive information, I would need to reach out to you via our Support channel. Upon going to create a ticket for you to the email address associated with your Community profile, I located your open communication with a member of my team and I have passed on your comments here to your interaction.
Sorry that I can't be of more help here on the Community - Thanks!
EDIT: Just to note, there are other features also included in the Dropbox Plus plan now, such as Smart Sync! You can check this info out here.

Community Moderator @ Dropbox

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Re: Dropbox thinks it's Netflix, and it might be right...

New member | Level 2

Indeed. Dropbox 120 a year or onedrive 70 a year.. I'm seriously considering switching after years of being very happy with dropbox 😕

Re: Is anyone else furious at the upgrade to 2TB and extra $60 a year without consent?

New member | Level 2

Not furious, but the price compared to competition is too high. Time to move on I'm afraid 😞

Re: Is anyone else furious at the upgrade to 2TB and extra $60 a year without consent?

Helpful | Level 6

What is more offensive, and actually obscene, is the term 'upgrade'. You can tell this went through a bunch of marketing monkeys to try find a way to spin a massive price hike as a bonus, rather than what is is; a desperate attempt to stem the hemoraging devaluation of the companies share price as it slowly sinks. From a high of $43.50 less than a year ago the company has lost ~50% of its value down to $22.88. I'm 270GB into a 1TB plan and having a 2TB plan I do not need and never asked for shoved down my throat.

Re: Is anyone else furious at the upgrade to 2TB and extra $60 a year without consent?

New member | Level 2

I share the outrage!

I have never used more than 300 GB so am not at all helped by this 'upgrade'.

I don't appreciate a sudden increase in costs of 20% and I expecially dislike the marketing-spin: announcing this as a generous new feature.

This is a major reason to quit Dropbox altogether. There are plenty of alternatives out there.

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