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Managing Dropbox, Dropbox accounts in General, and GUI


Managing Dropbox, Dropbox accounts in General, and GUI

New member | Level 2

Being sequestered at home and using Dropbox more than ever, but not necessarily an expert at it.  So, based on my minor frustrations, here are a few thoughts to the Dropbox team: (Note: I'm currently working with two free accounts, but have a note about that below)


1. Multiple access points to Dropbox is great - low right tray, lower left start menu - but each one is bringing up a different view but not necessarily better functionality?

2. The lower right tray has been my typical way of getting to Dropbox. But, it is a two step process to get to where I want to go for quickly using the basic functions. I click to bring up the dialogue, don't care about anything except the little globe icon to get me to a browser view to do what I need to do.  I would just as well have a box with a globe icon in the tray to do that in one click.

     a.  In the browser view, I hate the default information - it looks like a mess and is of no use to me.

     b.  All I'm interested in is seeing the file folders and navigating to where I want to go from there.

     c.  If there is a settings to default to folder view, it is not stupid obvious, and I have not dug for it.

3. The tray is bringing up the new interface which looks great. Potentially, I will default to using this.

     a.  Fantastic it defaults to the folder view.

     b.  Why does it say "off line".   Why is there not a button/dropdown right there to say "when I open this dialogue box always go online" and be just like the browser view?

     c.  The lower left drop down showing what profile is currently running is great.  But, it is also useless as I cannot drop down and add and remove profiles.  So, I had to go to the browser view, sign out, and sign in under the other profile - which was actually ready to go, since I had done this before.  But then I'm in the browser view with the messy view as the default and have to click on files.

4. At the home computer, I had to go through Windows to have Dropbox NOT load in, because I don't want it taking up resources, until I'm ready to use it.

     a. Please make this a much easier setting, or have a tiny starter ap option for the home computer. (labeled Dropbox starter ap)

     b. Please make an option through either the simple dialogue in the lower right tray, or through the new GUI to "log out and close down" Dropbox.  It means I'm done with it for now, and I don't need 300mb running in the background for no reason. And I shouldn't have to go to the Task Manager to kill it.

5. I admittedly had a small need at work where I used the free version to try.  Since I work for a small company that doesn't  like to spend money, but I respect Dropbox's right to make money, I would ask that a "business light" option, where it is basically the free version with little bump up for like $20/year.  It now makes it legitimate for the business use, gives Dropbox the ability to have the market connection, and potentially easier for achieving the upgrade later.  This would be an especially valid idea with all this virus sequestering, etc... now, for a low cost small company solution for passing files around.


And btw, maybe all of this is buried in some options somewhere, but I'm saying imho it should be obvious and simple in the expected location on the GUI.

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Re: Managing Dropbox, Dropbox accounts in General, and GUI


Hi @Jasper7; welcome to our Community and thanks for taking the time to provide us with your extensive feedback. 


From what I gather, your thoughts concern mainly our desktop application and how easy is the navigation of your files when using it. I'll try to address all of your points, but please let me know if I missed anything and excuse my lenghty response in advance. 


1. The lower start menu you mention is just a shortcut to the app (or your Dropbox folder perhaps) while the little Dropbox icon within your computer's system tray is the place to go when you want to access the app's preferences or see the status of the syncing process. 


2. The globe icon you see there re-directs you to your account online (on your preferred browser) as it's merely a shortcut to your account as shown on the website. You can bookmark it instead and go there from your browser directly if needed. 


a. Are you referring to the new desktop experience or the website as shown on a web browser? Could you share screenshots of what's bothering you so I can have a visual?

b. If you're referring to our website, you can bookmark the following URL (it's the URL you get when you click on the 'Files' option from the left side- pane) and access it from your browser directly whenever you want to view your files and folders:

c. I think this is covered above; if you're indeed referring to the website that is. 


3. You must be talking about the new desktop experience - right?

a. That's expected for the new desktop experience. 

b. I'm not really sure where you're seeing this, could you send me a screenshot please? 

c. This place is for people who have connected their work accounts with their personal ones so they can switch account views easily. If you're not getting an option to switch between accounts, it's most likely because you haven't connected the two accounts you'd like to be accessing from there. Note that this can be done with a work account (part of a Dropbox for Business Teams account) and an individual one; it won't be possible to connect to individual, personal accounts at this time. 


4. You're referring to the option for our desktop app to start upon your system's startup, right? 

a. Could you elaborate on this please? What's troubling you with accessing this specific setting through the app's preferences at the moment and how you'd like to see it in the future so the navigation can become easier? When you mention a tiny starter app for your home's computer, can you provide some additional information as I'm not quite sure what you'd like to see implemented and how?

b. That's already there; no need to kill the processes that relate to our desktop app through your computer's task manager to close it! Just click on your avatar, i.e. profile picture (or initials) and then click on 'Quit Dropbox'. You can always just pause the syncing process as well if/when needed according to your needs. 


5. While there's no such option at the moment, note that we offer free trials for Dropbox for Business teams plans which allow you to test things out before you move forward with actually purchasing the plan in question. 


That said, note that we have a dedicated area in our Community where you can share your thoughts and ideas so other users can pitch in and upvote them as well to show their interest. 


I'm sorry for the long post and please let me know how you get on.

Community Moderator @ Dropbox

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Re: Managing Dropbox, Dropbox accounts in General, and GUI

New member | Level 2

Thanks for the reply.


1. I don't have a problem with the tray for quick access to status, sync, and navigation.  For what I was looking for, I will drag the app icon to the desktop for one click satisfaction to my folder view. And again, the app view is great - no real need to open a browser.


2. This is solved by the app and the direct folder view from the start.


3. The "offline" message must have been the app starting before the service for the first time, because it now starts correctly and ready to go.


3c.  I still submit that there is missing functionality here.  I have no desire to tie my work Dropbox with the personal Dropbox in any way. The current way where I cannot switch and add profiles means that say if my son or friend needed to use my device, they would need to log me out from the browser view, and then log themselves in.  But, I can also understand from the Dropbox company perspective that dropdown way makes it very easy for individuals to have multiple free profiles, and of course at some point you would like us all to make a purchase, which is fine.  There may be a point where I have two business profiles and one personal profile, and I would hope that then the drop down would list all three.


4. Incorrect.  I have Dropbox turned off in Services, because I don't want to take up memory resources. What I'm asking for is the option in settings - "don't start, sync, or do anything until I'm ready to use Dropbox"  or "start Dropbox in the background and do all the checking and sync functions to be ready to go". The latter being for the work computer.

4b. I'm sorry, now I need a picture.  If I click my profile picture it just shows the picture and says my name.  The three dot and the hamburger menu (on the app) also do not have a "quit Dropbox".  Hitting the "X" closes the dialogue box, but Dropbox is still listed in the Task Manager as taking up 250,000k - 300,000k of memory for the main instance.  (However, if I work through the browser only, this is not an issue).  This can be a problem, even at work, where I have Autodesk, Bluebeam, and other programs open during a time of heavy "paperwork".  Dropbox in the background isn't pushing the limit, but it becomes one more unnecessary burden on the computer during those high activity times.  At home it is more a case of switching to other activities and being done with Dropbox use for the day.

5. Was just a thought given how tight my work place can be on expenditures.

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