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Payment taken but no Upgrade or 30 day trial


Payment taken but no Upgrade or 30 day trial

New member | Level 2

I am so frustrated with Dropbox, I applied for a 30 day free trial of Dropbox plus on the 21st January which was advertised as a free 30 day trial and then £9.99 after that.
The upgrade was never applied to my account.
I wrote to dropbox via the help section and have a number of emails going back and forth where it seemed ‘Jaden’ the support agent simply wasn’t reading or answering my issues. At first I had a pending paypal payment of £9.99 on my paypal a/c which I thought was the payment ready to go through in 30 days once my account had actually been upgraded. So I have repeatedly asked dropbox to upgrade my account and at no point has correspondence from Dropbox acknowledged this request or applied it, which made me think I was actually talking to an automated system.
So today I see that the £9.99 has actually been taken and drawn out of my bank account Via Paypal and still no upgrade to Dropbox plus. I had a new automated style message today from Dropbox today saying the matter had been sent to another section. All very strange. So simply put I’d like a refund (which I have already asked Apple Apps for via the link that Dropbox sent back to me ) but they said it ‘didn’t meet the conditions for a refund. (the subscription seems not to exist in my apple account), I have been charged but haven’t had the upgrade. It’s now quite a few days later. I even sent screenshots to Dropbox showing the status of my basic Dropbox account to show I hadn’t been upgraded. Similar experiences with Dropbox can be found online.

I have tried to attach supporting pics here, but this forum post box won’t let me.

Here’s my ticket No. for the correspondence with Dropbox Support: Ticket #10191396

I hope to hear from you.

James Jackson

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Re: Payment taken but no Upgrade or 30 day trial


Hello James @jrjackson.

Seems like your topic got caught in our spam filter. 

Apologies for the late response. It is not a problem you did not post the attachments here. I see you have offered all the information required to the agent assistant you and your case is already escalated. 

We understand the frustration when it comes to such requests, related with billing and renewals and I appreciate the time you took to describe the situation. I added a note with feedback and applied high priority on your ticket. 

I am sure our team will do all they can to assist you with this.  Feel free to get back to this thread with more feedback about this case. 

Thank you! 

Community Moderator @ Dropbox

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