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Recovering a lost Dropbox account


Recovering a lost Dropbox account

Explorer | Level 3
Hi all,
I have just noticed something that is very concerning on my end.  I created a Dropbox account back in 2014 because I needed to get my phone reset to factory settings at a Genius Bar in an Apple Store.  I signed up and uploaded important files into it, then signed out.  However, when I tried logging back in, I haven't had any luck.  I tried resetting my password and I never ended up receiving the reset password email.  I just created an account with this same email not too long ago and it ended  up working, but this is just the new account (not the one created back in 2014). 
Anyway, I tried testing this and signed up with a random email today - keep in mind that this is definitely NOT my email,  and to my surprise, I successfully signed up for an account and had the ability to upload files! This to me seems very concerning because what if I had ended up saving my tax returns there and given the ability to the owner of that email to see my files?  I'm shocked that before completing the sign up, Dropbox did not prompt me to wait to verify the email I used to sign up before I could finally start uploading files.
I think this is EXACTLY what happened with the account I created back in 2014.  I must have inserted a typo on that email and ended up uploading some personal files in it.  I have contacted support throughout the years and all they can say is that I need to just sign into the email I used to see if I got the reset link (which I never did because I remember exactly which email I used).  But, as previously mentioned, I could have typed it wrong (missing a letter, a number, whatever it is), so obviously, it would be impossible for me to recover that account if I had a typo in it because I wouldn't have access that misspelled email in the first place. Now I'm extremely concerned that whoever might be the owner of that email might have had the ability to see those files! I even tried resetting my password by using other emails that were assigned to me just in case and nothing, never received a reset password link.  I really cannot stress enough how concerning this is to me right now.  Any help would be greatly appreciated. 
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Re: Recovering a lost Dropbox account


Hey there @user17, thanks for reaching out to us about this. 


I understand how important this is for you, however, due to account-specific info that'd be necessary to have a more in-depth look into this, I'd recommend continuing with our Support team. 


Do you by any chance have a ticket ID (eg. #1234567) that I could pass your comments along to?


Keep me posted!

Community Moderator @ Dropbox

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