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Transfer files from one dropbox account to another


Transfer files from one dropbox account to another

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I am migrating files from a business account to a personal account. I have approximately 1TB of files I would like to transfer over, and wondering if there is a way to do this without having to REUPLOAD everything to the new account.

I understand (according to this article ) that the typical way to migrate is to unlink the old account and then move the files into the new one, but this seems like it will just start uploading everything again. I would like to AVOID uploading a TB of date if possible.

Let me know, thanks!!

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Re: Transfer files from one dropbox account to another


Hey there @charoff - sorry for the tardy response; how are you today?

In this case, I'd suggest that you first unlink your business account from your device(s) and then link your personal one choosing the advanced option upon re-installing/re-linking. 

Follow these steps to unlink your computer:

1) Right-click the Dropbox icon in the system tray, or menu bar, by the clock
2) Click on the gear icon in the Notifications panel and select 'Preferences' > 'Account'
3) Click the 'Unlink' button
4) Afterward, Dropbox will prompt you to re-register. Quit!

Note that the Dropbox folder itself is still there. Since you'll be relinking to a different Dropbox account, the application will detect that another Dropbox folder already exists on the computer, and will give you two options: 'Choose Another Location' or 'Install'.

If you want your new Dropbox folder to be in a location different than your existing folder, click on 'Choose Another Location'.

If you want your new Dropbox folder to be in the same location as your existing one, click on 'Install'. This will rename the existing Dropbox folder to 'Dropbox (Old)' and will create a new Dropbox folder for the account you’re currently linking.

Now, since you wish to re-install (re-link to be exact in this case) the Dropbox software and you do not want to re-download all of your files from the server, you'll need to choose the "Advanced" setup option during the installation process. Then you need to choose the parent folder of the existing Dropbox folder as the location for this new install.

For example, if your old Dropbox folder was added to: C:\Desktop\Dropbox you would need to choose C:\Desktop and the client will try and create a new Dropbox folder.

If you were to connect with the same Dropbox account as before, Dropbox would detect the existing folder and would then prompt you to merge the Dropbox folder. Upon merging the desktop version of Dropbox will check the existing files and the server versions and update accordingly.

Keep me posted on how it goes and if I'm missing something do let know.


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