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Why am I receiving Dropbox is full notifications?

Why am I receiving Dropbox is full notifications?

New member | Level 2

I have not used dropbox in a few years, at least 3 or 4. I know I have some photos and screenshots in my account my not a lot by any means.
All of a sudden, a few years later I am getting an email that my dropbox is full and I need to upgrade to the 3 TB plan.

First to me this is rather suspect, as I have not used dropbox for many items and I have not touched it in years. Why would all of a sudden my dropbox give a notification I need to upgrade.

Second, just like any large corperation that just cares about money, this concern and opinion won't reach anywhere high enough. But I have to share that I am disappointed. Anywhere I click following the link in the email that tells me to upgrade, to the website which wherever I go, pops up continuously that I must upgrade.... it just screams 'i don't care about your ability to understand our website or how to navigate to the upgrade section or wherever you are going, we will shove in your face ever which way to upgrade.
It is almost honestly quite disapponting how I feel this way, how I feel that by this happening all microsoft and dropbox cares about is my money and nothing else. I will not continue to use this software as I can more easily use google drive or one drive.
But I really am concerned of the requirement to upgrade and how I can't just use the site like the times companies shoved UPGRADE NOW in your face when I am sure they can easily make a 'storage/plan category that you can visit'.
Also why no online chat with all the money? No support for your customers just the online community. What if it is a private billing concern or even something that someone does not wish to share except to determine domething with dropbox as a company. You have this money and don't have in 2020 an online chat or even just email support.

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Re: Why am I recieiving dropbox is full notifications?


Hi there @kimmc67, thanks for sharing your feedback with us and sorry to hear about your frustration. 


In general, you can contact our team without being signed in regarding any billing queries from this link


As for your main concern, if you have run out of space and you don't want to upgrade, you can remove unwanted files or shared folders from your account, or increase your storage


Could you just check if you were sent shared content, which prompted your account to exceed its storage limit?


I'm also more than happy to help guide you along the website, just let me know where exactly you're having trouble. 


Give me a nudge whenever you have a chance to check this out, thanks!

Community Moderator @ Dropbox

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