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New member | Level 2

I am paying for 3 accounts and I only need 1  we can't change the password for [removed per the Community's Guidelines] because it was hacked 2 years ago
and we keep trying to tell you this but no one can help me. Can someone call me or text me how to only pay for 1 account, the other 
accounts are  [removed per the Community's Guidelines] and [removed per the Community's Guidelines] I just need [removed per the Community's Guidelines

Thank You 
Barbara Macuga

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Re: billing

Hey there @cugs41, welcome aboard and sorry to hear about this situation.

As we won't be able to help much with account specific queries, I'd suggest getting in touch with our Support team directly for further assistance. 

If you don't have access to the accounts in question, you can use an incognito window without signing into any Dropbox account. 

Then, from this page, click on the 'Need help with a billing issue?' button and submit a Help Request from the relevant option at the bottom of the page and input your payment's information along with an email address we can reach you.

If you'd like assistance with the hacked account, you can use this form alternatively. 

I hope this gets resolved for you soon, Barbara!

Community Moderator @ Dropbox

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