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missing referral space

missing referral space

Explorer | Level 3

I sent a referral to my daughter to join Dropbox.
That was a few months ago. Last week I checked back with her and had not yet signed up, but she could not find the link in her email anymore.
I tried to resend a referral link but there was no way to do it.
I found this post on the forum that said she should just sign up with the same email address as the referral:
https:confused face:/
So she signed up. She has her own computer different from mine. We did not received extra space.
Now the web site says "Your invite wasn't accepted" and that "xxx is already using Dropbox, sorry!"

What did we do wrong? How can we fix this?

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Re: missing referral space

Explorer | Level 3




Re: missing referral space


Hey there @zargoth123, thanks for reaching out to us. 


In order for you to receive the referral space, the other user needs to click the link in the referral email, and accept the invitation to sign up.


As such, I'm afraid that the referral space can't be granted. 


Have you tried sending anybody else an invitation by any chance?


Keep me posted!

Community Moderator @ Dropbox

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