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was this a fake support?


was this a fake support?

Explorer | Level 3


15:06 Robert: Welcome to Dropbox Customer Support.
15:06 Robert: May I please have your First name, Last name, Email address and phone number?
15:06 Customer:
15:07 Customer:
15:08 Robert: Thank you for the information.
15:08 Robert: I was informed that you are having difficulty in upgrading your account.
15:09 Robert: May I see the acknowledgement/receipt mail which you received from us, on the day you paid?
15:11 Robert: No.. I shall need to see the email acknowledgement which you received from us.
15:13 Customer: maybe I never received one
15:13 Customer: is that possible?
15:14 Robert: No..
15:14 Robert: can you please check your spam folder in mailbox?
15:14 Customer: I cannot find it yet.
15:14 Customer: I paid 19-june-2020
15:15 Robert: Okay Let me check.
15:17 Customer:

15:18 Customer: not in my spam box too
15:18 Robert: Seems strange.
15:18 Robert: Anyway. Please wait. I am checking.
15:22 Robert: May I know the exact amount you have paid?
15:23 Customer: 119,88
15:25 Robert: Dear Adri. I could not find an account upgrade requst or process being done on that certail date. We regret for the difficulty you have faced.
15:26 Robert: I shall arrange for a partial refund along with the full upgrade you have requested previously.
15:27 Customer: can you look on my computer yet?
15:27 Robert: Yes I can see.
15:27 Robert: Since we already got other details from you, You just have to complete a verification process to avail the refund and offer.
15:27 Robert: May I proced?
15:28 Customer: this is the old stuff
15:28 Customer: this is the new stuff
15:28 Customer: However the new stuff does not synchronize
15:29 Customer: with my computer
15:29 Robert: Okay. Please do not worry.
15:30 Robert: Once we settle this issue, the sync will be done almost instantly.
15:34 Robert: Dear Adri. To complete the process you shal be now paying €149.99 (You shall receive a full refund from this amount).
You have already paid €119.88
You shall receive a refund of €60 (for inconveniences caused)
So in total (€149.99+€60) = €210 you shall be receiving back in 48 hours.
Your plan will be upgraded to 20TB for 2 years.
I sincerely hope that you are happy with this offer.
15:34 Robert: May I proceed?
15:36 Customer: I do not know why this construction is necessary.
15:37 Robert: Dear Adri. The refund of €60 is a compensation for the inconveniences caused to you.
15:37 Customer: I do not want a refund, I want to solve the problem
15:37 Robert: The current payment of €149.99 is just a verification to reflect older transaction in any possible way.
15:38 Robert: So you shall get both as a refund in 48 hours, and your account shall be upgraded once verification process is complte, which is in 48 hours.
15:38 Customer: It is not a problem for me to pay 0.01 euro. I don not want a refund, or an upgrade
15:40 Robert: But upgrade failure is the actual issue for which you have contacted us, isn't it?
15:40 Customer: yes, but I already paid...
15:41 Robert is uw computer opnieuw aan het opstarten...
15:41 Robert heeft de sessie beëindigd.
15:42 Verbinding wordt tot stand gebracht...
15:42 Deze sessie is verstreken en kan niet meer worden gebruikt. Als u een nieuwe sessie wilt starten, moet u deze applet opnieuw downloaden.
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is there a phone number????

Explorer | Level 3

I have some problems, but I cannot find a valid phone number of Dropbox, very frustrating!


Re: was this a fake support?


Hi @adri apeldoorn; apologies for the late response.


I'm sorry to hear about the issues you've been facing with this, but I have to point out that the chat conversation you included in your post doesn't seem to be from our official support team and it's most likely a fake service, possibly a phishing scam.


May I ask which URL you navigated to when you had this conversation? 


Let me know what you find! 

Community Moderator @ Dropbox

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