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Dropbox desktop client builds

Download the latest Dropbox beta or stable build.

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Beta Build 120.3.4554

Beta Build 120.3.4554

Thanks for using Dropbox! The desktop client is regularly updated with many improvements and fixes.


Windows Standard Installer Offline Installer
Mac OS X Standard Installer Offline Installer
Linux x86_64 Offline Installer x86 OfflineInstaller

Auto-updates: Everyone who chose "Include me on early releases" on the Settings page

This is an early release feature that is subject to these additional terms.

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Re: Beta Build 120.3.4554

Super User II

Still no release notes @clientreleases ?


How do you expect people to test this?

Re: Beta Build 120.3.4554

New member | Level 2

This build seems to have the same problem as the prior build.


Search from the menu bar window is missing!


Would be nice to have a confirmation that this is a bug rather than intentional.


Screen Shot 2021-04-05 at 1.35.50 PM.png

Re: Beta Build 120.3.4554

Helpful | Level 6

Yes, what happened to the taskbar app? You can't do anything in it anymore (right click doesn't even work!).

Re: Beta Build 120.3.4554

Super User

same problem here - even less visible…


Re: Beta Build 120.3.4554

Robert J.
Collaborator | Level 8

Right-clicking on entries in the History page of the Desktop app no longer works. Is there another way of opening the file location now?


Re: Beta Build 120.3.4554

Explorer | Level 3

FWIW I also had the same issue with the search bar disappearing in this beta version (102.3.4554, macOS 10.15.6). Didn't grab a screenshot, but functionality was restored by reverting to the latest stable release.

Re: Beta Build 120.3.4554

Super User II

While I wasn't having the problem with v120.3.4545, I'm now seeing it in v120.3.4554.




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