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Re: Beta Build 160.3.4611

Beta Build 160.3.4611

Dropbox Staff

Thanks for using Dropbox! The desktop client is regularly updated with many improvements and fixes including the following:
Features in this update:

  • For those migrating to Dropbox support for macOS, a symlink will be created from your Dropbox folder’s previous location to its new location at ~/Library/CloudStorage.
  • Right-click options for all items in the tray’s Activity tab are now available.

Fixes in this update:

  • Issues preventing some users from being able to make files online-only have been resolved.
  • Issues causing the Dropbox folder to appear with an invalid display name in File Explorer have been resolved.


Windows Standard Installer Offline Installer (32 Bit)
Offline Installer (64 Bit)
Mac OS X Standard Installer (Universal) Offline Installer (Intel)
Offline Installer (Apple Silicon)
Linux x86_64 Offline Installer x86 Offline Installer

Auto-updates: Everyone who chose "Include me on early releases" on the Settings page

This is an early release feature that is subject to these additional terms.

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Helpful | Level 6

I am on 160.3.4611. When will it start to migrate my Dropbox folder to ~/Library/CloudStorage?
Is there something I need to do to?

Michael B.10
Experienced | Level 13

I had to sign out and start over to get the beta to apply the CloudStorage method, as others have, but that was several months ago and I thought it had changed. 

Collaborator | Level 8

Beta Build 157.3.4719 was the original one that was supposed to change the location of the folder according to the notes that came with it.


I just installed that build over my existing build and after 'jumping through a few hoops' it was automatically moved and the old location was removed.


Why not try the suggestion from Michael B.10 and remove and reinstall it?


Collaborator | Level 9

Surely we shouldn't have to uninstall and re-install? I'm wary of doing that as don't trust Dropbox enough to not get issues if I do try that. 

Helpful | Level 6

I agree.  I have 50 users and need a less complicated migration.  Has anyone had it migrate automatically?

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