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Dropbox desktop client builds

Download the latest Dropbox beta or stable build.

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Re: Stable Build 127.4.4265

Stable Build 127.4.4265

Thanks for using Dropbox! The desktop client is regularly updated with many improvements and fixes.


Windows Standard Installer Offline Installer
Mac OS X Standard Installer Offline Installer
Linux x86_64 Offline Installer x86 OfflineInstaller

Auto-updates: In progress

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Re: Stable Build 127.4.4265

Experienced Collaborator | Level 12

Why can't you tell us what's new in every stable build version please?

Re: Stable Build 127.4.4265

TJ Luoma
Collaborator | Level 9

If Dropbox hasn't responded to the last 100 people who asked this question, what makes you think:


1. They are even reading these comments

2. They have any intention of responding to them




Do you really think after all this time someone from Dropbox is going to go "GUYS! We've forgotten to post changelogs for the past few years! Wasn't anyone reading the forum posts?!?"


Obviously, you're welcome to do whatever you like, it just seems like a waste of energy. 

Re: Stable Build 127.4.4265

Explorer | Level 4

Mac OS X has long been called macOS.

Re: Stable Build 127.4.4265

Fabio L.
Collaborator | Level 10

I've just found one nice new feature in this build, from the system tray icon menu you can now go directly to the folder containing the last synced file. I guess it's new, and I really like it. So why you Dropboxers are so shy (!) to not tell us what is new? Do we have to discover new features by chance?

Re: Stable Build 127.4.4265

Michael S.189
Explorer | Level 4

I think Dropbox doesn't give release notes because not everyone gets new features at the same time.


Their process seems to be:

  1. Rollout a new client build that has support for some new feature.
  2. Turn this feature on for a certain subset of users, based on selection criteria.
  3. If there are bugs, go back to step 1.
  4. If it works, expand the selection criteria and go back to step 2.

So they can't have release notes, unless you want them to say:


  • Fixes bugs for a feature you might not have
  • Adds a feature but not for you

What we need is release notes in the client itself, that tells the user what's new and what's fixed for that particular user.

Re: Stable Build 127.4.4265

Marc A.6
Helpful | Level 7

@TJ Luoma 


Absolutely! It is a waste of time.


Dropbox is totally disconnected from their users, they have been for a long time. They've jumped the sharp. They've "Dropboxed". They deserve this kind of failure to bear their name. "That business has Dropboxed!".


Let's say that this is a trail, a message from the past to the clueless corporate guys who in the very near future will ask themselves why many Apple users have migrated to other services. 

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