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Dropbox desktop client builds

Download the latest Dropbox beta or stable build.

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Stable Build 162.4.5419

Stable Build 162.4.5419

Dropbox Staff

Thanks for using Dropbox! The desktop client is regularly updated with many improvements and fixes including the following:
Fixes in this update:

  • Issues that caused camera uploads to fail when importing from devices running iOS 16 have been resolved.
  • Issues that prevented external drive backups from being paused and resumed while unplugged have been resolved.


Windows Standard Installer Offline Installer (32 Bit)
Offline Installer (64 Bit)
Mac OS X Standard Installer (Universal) Offline Installer (Intel)
Offline Installer (Apple Silicon)
Linux x86_64 Offline Installer x86 Offline Installer

Auto-updates: In progress

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New member | Level 2

I have been testing the 64 bit installer, and from an administrators point of view, does not appear to be any way to differentiate the 32 bit install from the 64 bit install. They both install to the 32 bit install path, and they both write to the 32 bit registry hive.

How, from an IT administrator's point of view, am I supposed to write detection rules to differentiate them?


Concerned Admin

Helpful | Level 6

Still no Mac OS offline files fix even though it's now December. Any update please?

Explorer | Level 4

I'd like to add my voce to this request.  I had been back-and-forth with Dropbox support on this issue (Try this, try that...)  a few days ago, then life got in the way until last night, when I found this: ).  Since it's undated, I crossed my fingers and plunged into the step-by-step.  After downloading and launching Dropbox 162.4.5419.arm64.dmg, and then the app  it contained, I got this.   Surely this is a soluble problem.  I've been so dependent on Dropbox for so long, and my current evil thought is to d=see hoe Mr. Google responds to the phrase "Dropbox competitors"2CEEE58C-D2CD-440A-9226-08391C5F321A.jpeg

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