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Dropbox desktop client builds

Download the latest Dropbox beta or stable build.

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Re: Stable Build 74.4.115

Stable Build 74.4.115

Dropbox Staff
Thanks for using Dropbox! The desktop client is regularly updated with many improvements and fixes.


Windows Standard Installer Offline Installer
Mac OS X Standard Installer Offline Installer
Linux x86_64 Offline Installer x86 OfflineInstaller

Auto-updates: In progress

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Helpful | Level 5

@MarkK wrote:

I am having the same issues, Dropbox (Business) started crashing right after a recent Windows 10 update KB4503286 & KB4480730 and none of thr suggsted helpdesk fixes are working. Anyone have any ideas?

MarkK, CaseyJDesigns, and blackowl - It looks like the latest beta build may have fixed the issue I was having - Dropbox quitting, restarting, then quitting again, in a loop.  I noticed during that time that there was a spike in cpu usage in Adobe Acrobat at the same time files were being transferred in and out of Dropbox.  Before the latest beta build, I was able to settle Dropbox down by installing Foxit Reader and making it the default viewer for pdfs.  But I have since uninstalled Foxit after installing the latest beta build, 75.3.133.   

Helpful | Level 5

The support contacted me and and suggested to deinstall and install it again - oh wonder of course i didn't thought on that #facepalm, but i did it and for my working pc it worked out and the syncinc started over.

  1. I deinstalled with iobit uninstaller to make sure to get also the regedit entries and
  2. deleted the Dropbox folder manually
  3. Installed it again (fresh download from your space)

For my PC at home it didn't worked like this, for some strange reason,

  1. i had to uninstall it (iobit uninstaller)
  2. delete the Dropbox folder manually,
  3. download it again (logged in)
  4. When the Window pops up with only online blabla i had to hit the X to quit the setup but it was already fine, because for some strange reasons it wanted the standard path (user/Dropbox) and when you download it as logged in you don't have to enter the login credentials and IT STARTED SYNCING  -sidenode, after that i was able to modfiy the path to my location but not in the first place.

Explorer | Level 4

I installed Dropbox 75.3.133 and that seems to have fixed the problem, thank you!

Dropbox Staff

@MarkK @blackowl @JG2019 @CaseyJDesigns Thanks for the bug reports, and sorry for the disruption. This has been fixed on 75.3.133 as of this morning, which you can download here:

If you upgraded to 75.3.133 before 11am PDT this morning, you may need to start Dropbox twice to get the updated setting.

The fix will go out to stable later this week, and users will be auto-updated to it.

New member | Level 2

I have been getting the exact same issues - unexpectedly quitting. Won't stay on for more than 5 minutes. Totally unusable.

I received the most useless technical support advice from Isaac at Dropbox which was to create a fresh profile on my PC and install dropbox there.

If you were able to successfully install the Dropbox desktop application in the newly created profile, that means that there may be some sort of misconfiguration, setting, policy, or permission restriction that is affecting the original profile. Unfortunately, this is outside the scope of what we can support. I'd recommend that you use the new profile from now on or that you contact either IT support or the customer support organization for your operating system.

In other words, if it works on another system then "it's not our problem".

Well, Issac, my PC has about 30 programmes / apps and software on it and ALL of them work fine - therefore it is an issue with Dropbox, not my profile.

I've never heard such useless technical advice since "try a fresh install of Windows"...

It is obviously something to do with this build of Dropbox.

Explorer | Level 4

I have been getting the exact same issues - unexpectedly quitting. Won't stay on for more than 5 minutes. Totally unusable. - HariV

I had the same issue described above and the solution for me was:

1) uninstall dropbox app

2) download and install dropbox 74.4.115

3) In Preferences - Sync - Selective Sync, uncheck most of the folders.  Limit the sync to small batches of files.  add folders as the previous sync completes and shows status:  "Up to date" 

4) Keep adding folders until your complete Dropbox is up to date.

This worked for my files which are ~200GB on a 2TB account, the final syncing process took 4-5 hours.  Thank you for everyones previous posts that lead me to this process to cure my issue.  This hickup ruined 2 days of productivity while trying to sort out the error.   The attempts included multiple uninstall/re-install cycles, a complete cleaning of the registry (ultimately not needed) and included communications with DB chat.


Helpful | Level 5

I'm 100% with you.  I wonder if they didn't decide to save money and farm development out.  

Helpful | Level 5

Also worth noting I been using Dropbox on the same 2 computers for YEARS with no problems.  Its only after the smart sync versions came on-line that the problems started.

Helpful | Level 5

It seems some of the problem might be the .dropbox.cache folder.  The anti virus don't like the partial files dropbox is placing there.  Thinks they are malware.  I can't whitelist it, due to policy.

Can dropbox do a fix where it don't have to use the cache (like a setting we can turn it off) and/or put files there the virus programs won't jump all over?

Dropbox Staff

@Developer_UNIX I'll forward the issue you're having to the smart sync team. If you need to, you can completely disable smart sync:

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