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ALL Files moved off Desktop (Premiere Pro pathways GONE)

ALL Files moved off Desktop (Premiere Pro pathways GONE)

New member | Level 2

Hi everyone,

I am trialling the Business & Professional plans to see which is better for me.

Previously, in the Business plan I still have all my Desktop folders, where I can right-click to select 'Smart Sync, Online Only or Local'. After switching to Professional plan, ALL my desktop files suddenly jumped into a shortcut 'My files in Dropbox'.

I tried to pull out the folders back to my Desktop from this, but they said, it'll be deleted from Dropbox, so I didn't.

I use Premiere Pro, and Premiere Pro uses Pathways.
Because this new plan suddenly reorganised my ENTIRE MacBook files, when I open Premiere Pro, it's like opening an absolutely new program since all the old pathways and files are in random places that I cant find?? I've since lost all my keyboard shortcuts, user preferences etc....

I just want my files back to the same place. I deleted that 'My files in Dropbox' shortcut on my desktop and now can no longer see any of my folders...... Do I get my files back to their original places if I delete this Dropbox plan / account?

I really like that the old plan had all my files in their original places and I can decide that it's sync to online only or local.

Another thing - with this new plan, I cant decide online only or local.
My laptop has 1tb, my Dropbox has 2+tb.
I don't know how this plan works but it started downloading all my dropbox files back into my laptop (which is the EXACT opposite of saving space on my laptop... now I have literally only 1gb of free space on my laptop and files have stopped syncing as there's not enough space....) I need the files back to original places, and I need to choose which are online only and which are local, so I can save space on my laptop. That's all.


Anyone can help with this?

Thank you.

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Re: ALL Files moved off Desktop (Premiere Pro pathways GONE)

Hey @kint, thanks for reaching out to the Dropbox Community!

It's not actually the plan, this is because of a feature you enabled on your Dropbox application, called computer backup.

You can disable it and move your files back to their original locations, by following the steps here

Let me know if you have any questions. 

Community Moderator @ Dropbox

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