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Accidentally shared access to ENTIRE ACCOUNT

Accidentally shared access to ENTIRE ACCOUNT

Explorer | Level 3

What the #*!?%!! happened and how on EARTH is this possible?
So - given the fact:
-That I need a correct login and password and an additional security code to access my own dropbox account;
- AND have the access setting for EVERY Item in the account (EVERY! SINGLE! ONE!) of the FILES, VIDEOS, & PHOTOS set to “ONLY ME”, and
- I understand how to CREATE A LINK to an item and share that link with my intended
recipient, and
- I have successfully performed this action numerous times in the past-

Did I manage to SOMEHOW... ACCIDENTALLY ...? And completely UNINTENTIONALLY ? SEND ACCESS TO MY ENTIRE DROPBOX ACCOUNT via one click on the item I intended to open and create a link to ( accessed through my iphones “search” function ) and one tap on the text message thread that I also had open (with my intended recipient) on said phone?

UNINTENTIONALLY giving access to one’s ENTIRE (Personal) DROP BOX ACCOUNT via an errant iphone tap or two seems to me to be an action that would be regarded generally as “A VERY BAD THING”. Most especially when you are subscribed to a service that is “designed with multiple layers of protection, distributed across a scalable, secure infrastructure.” Maybe - but it obviously ain’t idiot proof, as this user just proved!!

Additionally - I can find NO information ANYWHERE online, in the forums, via customer service chat, etc. about how I somehow managed to accomplish this, and MORE IMPORTANTLY- HOW TO FIX IT !!

Would anybody be so kind as to give me some information about HOW the &$!? this happened (so as not to do it again EVER!) and / or WHAT TO DO to FIX IT??

Thank you ever so much for reading through my shared pain, and THANK YOU in advance for your time and assistance😔

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Re: Accidentally shared access to ENTIRE ACCOUNT

Super User II

@Ihatethiscrap wrote:
Accidentally shared access to ENTIRE ACCOUNT😔

That's simply not possible. There's no way to share access to an entire account.



How did you determine this happened?


If you tested a link yourself, then Dropbox knew it was you viewing the link and provided you with access to your own account. When testing a link, make sure you've either signed out of your account, used a different browser (again, where you're not signed in) or use a private browsing session. When not signed in, you'll see the link as everyone else sees it, which will be to the specific item the link was created for.

Re: Accidentally shared access to ENTIRE ACCOUNT

Explorer | Level 3
Hello Super User Rich - Can’t thank you enough for the reply... it’s a lifeline for a luddite who is convinced that the only reasonable explanation for their continued tech woes is that they are losing their sanity / grasp on reality

Ok, So: I always double check any file/pdf/ link /permission /access/etc. that I send (anytime from anywhere) to ensure that it is indeed working on my recipients end by cc’ing myself/ opening it up in my “sent correspondence” existing text / message thread etc.

In this instance, when I did so, the sent link *briefly flashed my dropbox “index page”/file list and folder icons* then immediately brought up the intended video ( loaded and ready to go with the play arrow over the first frame -so all good there.)
BUT I found the ‘index page flash’ odd - so I clicked the back < arrow in the header bar which opened my dropbox account to said index/ landing page with all documents and files fully openable / accessible.

Ok, “that’s weird” ...but, as you indicated “maybe dropbox still knows it’s me”- SO I logged OUT of dropbox, closed the app, and shut the active browser windows on my iphone before retrying the sent link. SAME ALL ACCESS PASS to my account via the video there.

[ As an aside -WHY, If Dropbox is so concerned about keeping access to my information proprietary that it required me to provide my login credentials *THREE ADDITIONAL TIMES* just now in order to *simply reply to your comment * ( FOUR counting the fact that even ever-so-briefly navigating away from this browser window automatically logged me out and deleted my reply-in-process when doing so) - WHY then would the DEFAULT required to personally privacy check your account be to access via a PRIVATE BROWSER window 🤨?!??
In what world does THAT make sense: Having your log-in credentials be - and simultaneously NOT be!! - the defacto security default? (“keep me signed in” option OFF)

As the need to set up a VPN to further investigate this issue 🤨was “not instinctive” to me upon discovering it yesterday, I opted for the pedestrian newbie work around: I forwarded, (from the first text thread) the video in question to a coworker.

He also saw the page flash, but assumed it was from HIS (largely un/never used ) dropbox account (somehow magically opening up as well I suppose?) When I asked if he could find and screenshot the flashed page - yup! The pic he sent me WAS of my account page. When he insisted it was likely HIS DROPBOX page showing items I’d previously shared with him- because “That can’t happen!” - I asked if he could then attempt to ACCESS the page, and subsequently my account.
Any enlightenment would be MOST APPRECIATED😕
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