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Re: Comments

Can I disable the option for others to comment on shared links?

Lisa B.17
New member | Level 1

I've never seen this feature before, but it looks like now when I share a dropbox link with someone they can comment on it. I'm using this for business and don't want others to be able to see comments on here. Is there a way to disable this feature. It says:

"Post a comment to start a discussion. @Mention someone to notify them. Comments will notify 1 person. Anyone who can view this file can comment."

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Re: Comments

Aisling G.

Hi Lisa! In your browser, clicking on Options from the comments pane will reveal a dropdown. If the file is in your Dropbox, you can click Disable Comments on this file to turn off all comments for that file. For more information, please see the following Dropbox help center article:

Re: Comments

Jamie W.5
New member | Level 2

The default should/must be an option. I want default to be DISABLED, and if I want to allow comments on a particular file, enable only for that file. Or bye-bye to 2 Pro accounts.

Re: Comments

Robert L.1
New member | Level 1

I completely agree. I've been a long-time and faithful Dropbox user, but this latest "all shared files get global commenting enabled automatically" is a complete debacle. Dropbox royally messed up on this one. I echo the frustration of a lot of other Dropbox users: Dropbox is not social media! I don't want every stranger on the internet commenting on my shared files!

The good news: A quick Google search yielded this:

Just add a "?raw=1" parameter after your shared file url to bypass the entire Dropbox commenting side-pane.

Hope this helps!

(PS. Dear Dropbox-- I now need to go revise every single one of my shared files and add this additional parameter. This is completely ridiculous.)

Re: Comments

Helpful | Level 5

In my opinion, Dropbox has a few reasons for making it near impossible to turn off this "feature."
1. If you want to turn off comments globally, you have to upgrade to their business account, currently $750/year minimum. They think that if you are the type of user who cares about how unprofessional unrestricted commenting looks, then you should be paying more than personal account fees.
2. It promotes the "Social" theme so it makes them look like Facebook; good for their stock valuation.
3. They think people will spend more time using the service for collaboration rather than just storing and sharing files.
Therefore, don't expect an actual answer to come from the admins of this forum. For now, I'm using the ?raw=1 workaround mentioned earlier if I must share a link. Otherwise, I share files the old fashioned way, by email, or I use Google Drive. I've also asked all my colleagues and consultants not to share Dropbox links unless they can disable comments from their business accounts.

Re: Comments

Kim W.22
New member | Level 1

Here's another "thumbs down" to the "comments" feature, which, like others, I will never use.

Yes - I realize that comments can be disabled...but not, I take it, on a file-by-file / folder-by-folder basis...but rather on a photo-by-photo basis within each file/folder. If there are 64 photos in a file/folder, disabling "comments" requires performing the disabling procedure 64 times, correct?!?!?! (Three clicks plus cursor repositioning to disable one "comment". Exasperating!!!)

You'd think that in this day and age of computerization, there'd be a "one fell swoop" means of disabling comments within a file/folder rather than having to repeatedly go through the motions for each photo in that file/folder..

Or am I missing something? ...including believing that it would be easy to program?

It's a feature that did not exist when I came with my bucks to Dropbox and it's a feature - along with the classless white rather than black border - that has caused me to consider to discontinue being a paying customer.

P. S. It also demonstrates that a site can implement changes (which are undesirable to some) at its whim and to, therefore, not sing the praises of any of them because what you like today may be undone tomorrow.

P. P. S. Adding "?raw=1" didn;t work for me!


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