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Can't move folders from favourites into Dropbox

Explorer | Level 3

When I try to move folders from the favourites column of my finder into dropbox, a little x appears to the bottom right of the folder, and when I let go, the folder doesn't go into Dropbox, and disappears from the favourites column. However, it is still in the Home folder, and I can move the folder from there into dropbox without a problem. What's going on here?

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Re: Can't move folders from favourites into Dropbox

Hey @Ilfracombe, thanks for posting this question on the Community! 
It would be interesting to see how you’re moving the folder, as your description echoes what other Community members have highlighted here. Are you working in Mac OS Catalina by any chance? 
It would be worth noting that the red circle with the x you’re seeing means that  Dropbox isn’t syncing this file or folder. Are you facing this issue with all files/folders residing on this directory or is it specific ones causing you trouble?
Could you include the steps you’re following to see if I can replicate on my end? 
Thanks & I look forward to hearing back from you!

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