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Re: Can't upload files to Dropbox

Can't upload files to Dropbox

Helpful | Level 5

I recently bought a new laptop running Windows 10, and I can't upload files to Dropbox using it, other than very small files. I have been trying to upload a 225MB MP4 file, and:


-  at first it says there are 8 seconds left (which is ridiculous for such a large file - I don't have superfast broadband - I have 11mbps download speed but only 0.8mbps upload speed);

- then after a few seconds it says there are 34 seconds left, which it continues to say for several minutes;

- then it says there are 19 minutes left (which is still suspiciously fast given my upload speed of 0.8mbps); and it continues to say it has 19 minutes left for several more minutes;

- and then for the next half hour it keeps switching between saying there are 19 minutes, 17 minutes or 18 minutes left;

- and then it finally says: "unable to upload [filename] - server error".


This happens regardless of whether I'm using the latest version of Chrome, including in an incognito window, or Firefox. I've cleared my cache and it makes no difference. 


On my old (much slower) Windows 7 laptop I can upload the file without any problems. So how can I get uploads to Dropbox working under Windows 10?


I can upload very small files to Dropbox (e.g. 20k ones) under Windows 10, but nothing of the sort of size that one would want to upload to Dropbox (i.e. not files that are too large to send as email attachments).


Can anyone help?



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Re: Can't upload files to Dropbox


Hi there @Dave_Rado, thanks for checking in with us. 


Could you try temporarily closing or disabling any third party app, like a security software or antivirus, that could be affecting the upload? 


Could you also check if the domains are whitelisted in your firewall and antivirus?


Let me know what you find, cheers!

Community Moderator @ Dropbox

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