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Disable "Online Only" permanently everywhere?

Disable "Online Only" permanently everywhere?

Explorer | Level 4

How do I disable the "online only" files feature permanently, everywhere? I understand its purpose, but for me this has got to be the most god awful feature ever. I use selective sync because I have too many files and the 32 bit client will not work with anything close to all of them, but when I add a new folder using selective sync, it defaults to online only and only locally syncs the placeholder files instead of the actual files!

I have "online only" disabled everywhere I can find in the app and preferences, like in these 2 images:

Is there somewhere else I can disable Selective Sync from defaulting to Online Only? This is driving me crazy. I like managing my files and folder using selective sync, but I never want any file or folder to be an "online only" placeholder in any situation ever. The way I would prefer it working is anything locally on my PC is always the real, actual file and folder in every circumstance. Then, if I need something from the cloud, I can use selective sync to download that file/folder to my PC and it is the tru file or folder and not a placeholder (this is exactly how it used to work before they added Smart Sync).

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Re: Disable "Online Only" permanently everywhere?


Hi @Efaarts; welcome to our Community! 


To cut things short, I'd suggest disabling the system extension from your account's settings online, under the General tab as this should do the trick.


Note that you may need to recall (set to 'Local') manually any files that are shown to be 'Online only' afterwards. 


Let me know if this helped. 



Community Moderator @ Dropbox

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